K900 Goes On Sale, But Not At All Kia Dealerships

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of Kia dealers and salespeople have grown accustomed to selling the econoboxes that the Koreans deliver.

The question then has to be asked about whether or not they have ti tools to sell a $60,000 luxury sedan.

The elegant Kia K900 luxury sedan will be arriving in dealerships in the US in March, although only at a select few.

Those eager to take it for a spin may have a tough time doing so, as it will be in less than 30% of all Kia dealerships.

Those dealerships that do get the K900 will essentially be training grounds where salespeople will learn how to meet the expectations of a new brand of customer that may never before have been to a Kia showroom, Kia Motors America spokesman Scott McKee explained.

He believes it will be a cultural change of sorts that will have a trickledown effect across the Kia network, improving the buying experience for all customers.

Kia Motors America has posted partial pricing of the K900 on their official website, with the V8 model starting at $60,400 including a $900 destination fee.

The 2015 K900 is a full-size, rear-wheel drive sedan that looks to challenge the Mercedes S550 and the Lexus LS 460, but not all of the dealers are buying in.

Kia K900 Sales USA  Kia K900 Luxury Sedan

Kia Stores To Sell The 2015 K900


Some dealership owners are concerned about the cost of training, not to mention the showroom display kit, all of which comes in ata around $30,000. That is why only about 40% of the 765 dealers have bought in.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kia Motors America, is not that surprised by the response.

He observed that the majority of the luxury car market is found in the east and west coasts, the south, and in Chicago, with little going on in Middle America.

His optimism is still high, though, as he says that the plane is to do this in phases.

Phase One involved 220 dealers, all of whom were able to review the training and investment requirements, as well as the details of the car itself, before deciding to get on board.

The aforementioned kit requires dark wood inlays to be cut into the floor of the showroom, creating a space where only the K900 will reside.

The kit also comes with displays that show off the features and options of the vehicle, as well as a device similar to an iPad where videos of the car and its features can be viewed.

Sprague feels that staff training will be critical to the success of the car. He feels that they need to really understand the new technologies in the vehicle before they can sell it.

Since this is the first rear-wheel drive for Kia, there are also technical details that need to be learned so that the benefits can be properly communicated to the customer.

Sprague feels that more dealers will sign up when they see that the awareness of the brand increases when the K900 luxury car does well in the marketplace.

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