Join us @ Facebook to follow us on the EURO2012 football tour with new cee’d

Dear loyal readers of the KIA-WORLD blog, we have a very special announcement for all of you.

The editioral team of the blog is heading to EURO2012 in Poland with a brand new Kia cee’d 5-door hatchback. The journey begins on Monday, June 25!

You can follow us at the official KIA-WORLD.net Facebook fan page, so get ready to plug in and feel some football euphoria!

Facebook link: KIA-WORLD.NET FB

Photo gallery No.1:


5 thoughts on “Join us @ Facebook to follow us on the EURO2012 football tour with new cee’d

  1. Hmmmmmmm I really like the Cee’d. Very nicely done. Wrap around headlights look really really really GOOD!

    Ok I am gonna calm down on design team being so critical.

    Can’t wait to see the use of this Grill and front fascia on the U.S. versions so I can see them close up.

  2. Hyundai and Kia on roll on design most times. In Australia they on way up as for me nothing is more attractive on road. The tide will turn and they will sell more as hot look sells. Just have to concentrate on steering being not vague feel and suspension to suit markets where Kia or Hyundai sell – they must really nail that! As for look inside and outside car I think they nail it better then rest

  3. Recently bought ex demo (6000 mls) Ceed 2 – 1.6 ISG diesel. I”m nearly 80 and have driven for over 55 yrs including 28 yrs in police (advanced driving inc.) Undoubtedly the best value vehicle overall on todays market. Only complaints are insufficient volume on parking sensors. Totally unobtainable fuel consumption figures! The latter despite 18 mths experience with identically engined Hyundai i30 which was lighter and lower geared aaaaaaaand claimed 10 mpg LESS on identical conditions. Still very happy though. I”m not surprised Skoda etc. are rushing out new models!!!!!!!!!!

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