Official images of the 2013 Kia Proceed 3-door hatchback

Kia releases more official images of the 2013 Pro_cee’d three-door hatchback ahead of its official public premiere!

Set to go on sale early next year, the all-new Kia Pro_cee’d will feature the carmaker’s highly-potent 1,6L T-GDI turbo engine with 204 horsepower, according to latest rumors.

More technical details will be released within a few days! As you already know the all-new pro_cee’d 3-door is going to be put on display alongside new Kia Carens MPV at Paris Auto Show! Stay tuned!

Kia Pro_cee’d image gallery:


6 thoughts on “Official images of the 2013 Kia Proceed 3-door hatchback

  1. Better front end and much, much better dash.

    Maybe Kia won’t make a one-off hatch version of the new K3/Forte and just bring over the cee’d 5-door as the Forte hatch as Hyundai has done with the i30 hatch (but I’m not going to get my hopes up).

  2. Oh, the turbo engines are better, oops, should have read the whole article. How much HP/torque is the 1.2L turbo?

  3. Yes, it would have been much better if the K9 had gotten a grill more like that on the cee’d/GT (the front end of the K3 does nothing for me, and the dash really is horrendous).

    Also not a fan of the overly-large kinked headlights on the K9 and K3.

    Based on what one can tell thru the cladding, I think the front of the Cadenza will be an improvement, getting a more aggressive look than the somewhat current safer and more mundane front end – but I just hope the Kia designers don’t go overboard with the size of the headlights (the headlights on the new Carens are also too large).

  4. The 2 main issues I have with the design of the pro_cee’d are that silly “connector” btwn the headlights and grill (the regular cee’d doesn’t have it and it looks better) and the overall shape of the greenhouse.

    The window-line 1st dips down and then rises up too much – giving the greenhouse somewhat of an awkward shape (actually prefer the greenhouse on the 5-door cee’d hatch).

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