Hyundai-Kia testing Haldex AWD prototypes


Hyundai and its Kia brand are planning to launch a range of new AWD models in coming years, with engineers currently testing a new prototype drivetrain sourced from Sweden’s Haldex.

Hyundai is expected to use the same XWD system and electronic differential offered by Saab, making it the first Asian carmaker to use Haldex mechanicals.

Haldex will supply Hyundai, for a prototype installation, with an electronic AWD system, based on the fourth generation of its established Haldex Limited Slip Coupling and the all-new, evolutionary Haldex electronic Limited Slip Differential (Haldex XWD) developed from the Haldex product platform of limited slip differentials.

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Employed in conjunction with the Haldex coupling, the electronically controlled add-on module integrates into the power and control systems of the longitudinal device thus offering a flexible and cost-effective solution for further enhanced vehicle dynamics. It can be optionally used in vehicle product lines to control the side-to-side torque distribution and constitutes an efficient alternative to brake-based systems that dissipate power for control.

The limited weight and size maximizes performance with minimal impact on fuel economy. For more detailed information regarding Haldex XWD: www.haldex-xwd.com.

“The cooperation with Hyundai-KIA Motors manifests our commitment to meet customer needs through innovation and is a first step for the Haldex coupling into the Asian market,” says CEO and President of the Haldex Group, Joakim Olsson.

Driving characteristics and vehicle dynamics are key differentiation factors and represent part of the brand for vehicle manufacturers at a time when cooperation between various manufacturers is increasing in order to reduce costs. In the four-wheel drive segment, Haldex is very advanced and correctly positioned for meeting various requests from vehicle manufacturers for sophisticated AWD systems.

With its controllable AWD systems, Haldex is well established as a supplier to the VW brands Audi, Bugatti, SEAT, Skoda and VW, the Ford Motor Company’s Landrover Freelander and Volvo, as well as future models from General Motors. [Source: money.aol.com via motorauthority]

4 thoughts on “Hyundai-Kia testing Haldex AWD prototypes

  1. AWD. now which car would that be good on? /.,,………………………

    how about Optima, or the coupe thats going to replace Amanti. KND 4. thats it – KND 4

  2. great!
    do hope AWD available to domestic markets, although we know WRC versions already exists for select professionals eg, Hyundai Accent WRC

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