Hyundai-Kia at 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show

The automotive industry is mowing from Tokio to Los Angeles this week. Instead of wacky concept cars we are preparing to see some real road stuff at Los Angeles.

L.A. Auto Show starts on Friday 16th and promises 14 worldwide and 30 North American vehicle debuts during the show. Most of the cars you will see here will soon hit the showroms!

Thanks to California’s eco friendly attitude and environmentally oriented people the L.A. Auto Show became the greenest in United States. There has been significant “green” movement in auto industry toward making cars more environment friendly in recent years! Therefore expect to see many eco cars at L.A.!


Along with the green movement, muscle is still the priority for some companies. For the first time, Hyundai belongs to that group. Hyundai will debut their rear-wheel Genesis Sports Coupe at the show. Acording to Hyundai officials, the 300 hp sports car will cost less than 30.000 dollars when hitting the market in 2009. Some pics were already taken before it’s presentation and you can see them here.

And don’t forget, our main reason to follow the auto show is still Kia Motors and their stand! We are going to report on Kia unveilings (KCD-4 concept) and other news. There will also be lots of Kia photos to see! You have a good reason now to stop by! See you later!

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