Kia GT 2.0 Concept Car To Be Unveiled This Year, First Spy Shots?

Not so very long ago, we received an email that showed spy shot of a new mystery prototype being put through its paces in Korea.

The images showed a heavily camouflaged sporty sedan with short front overhangs consistent with a rear wheel drive sedan.

The styling was that of a 4-door coupe, which we already knew was something that the Kia GT sedan was getting.

That all adds up to us believing that the image in the spy shot could indeed be showcasing the production-ready Kia GT sedan.

Spy Photo Of Kia GT?

Kia GT Spy Shots

It has been almost 5 years since the concept model was shown off at the Frankfurt auto show, but these images suggest it may now be close to production.

This is a model that design chief Peter Schreyer has had on his wishlist for a long time now, and market launch rumors have been swirling since 2011.

In a recent interview with CarAdvice, Kia Australia communications manager Kevin Hepworth revealed that the GT design had been under development, and that the vehicle was sporting a look that suggested it was almost ready for production.

The 4-door coupe styling is rumored to remain, but the GT will have many differences from the concept.

The one thing that concept models tend to lack is practicality, which is why changes have to be made when heading to producton.

Expect safety features to be upgraded dramtically, and the carbon fiber elements and rear hinged doors to be replaced.

Details are still pretty sketchy at the moment, but the rumors are that the Kia GT will debut as the revised concept with nearly final design at a major auto show late this year or early next.

The top candidates would be the 2015 LA Auto Show or the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. (photo: bobaedream.co.kr)

9 thoughts on “Kia GT 2.0 Concept Car To Be Unveiled This Year, First Spy Shots?

  1. It’s not a 4th generation Optima it was just unveiled this year.I think it’s the GT with some updated changes to the design. And why have the Kia Optima GT dressed so heavily? Plus on the already revealed Optima GT, the A pillars don’t add up to this car on spy shots. And also, even if the exterior looks like the Optima, that’s a good strategy. The Optima alone is one of their best selling models. And Kia hasn’t had a real good time selling the RWD K900. Plus I’m still puzzled as to why the C pillar is disguised so well? So the only Kia sedans besides the Optima with unique C pillars are Kia GT and Kia Novo. My guess is the Kia GT has some changes to it just like the Sedona isn’t all the way the KV7 concept. This car’s greenhouse looks loser related to Novo and Optima.

  2. No it’s not the Cadenza. The next generation Cadenza’s greenhouse is like the Avalon’s, Fusion, Chrysler 200, Dodge Dart, VW Passat, Honda Crosstour and Hyundai Genesis. This greenhouse is totally different.

  3. This is what we have so far. We have a car covered in black. We have a thick C pillar. Ax out the possibilities of being the Optima and Cadenza. Why? Optima was already unveiled this year and the Cadenza was already caught on spy shots and it’s greenhouse shape of the K7 has the traditional 5 pillar side profile.

    So, what Kia concepts do we have that matches this Kia? Possibilities: Kia GT, Kia Novo and Kia Provo.

    Kia Provo has slanted C pillars and has no kink at the rear window. This prototype has thick C pillars and has no kink at the rear window.

    Kia GT, has uniuqe C pillars and this prototype has C pillars that appear covered up heavily.

    Kia Novo has slim side profile that is not fat. And this car also has a slim side profile.

    Now if only I could see the front. My guess about the front is it will be like either the Provo or Novo cocnept and not the Kia GT concept. That’s my guess.

    The backend: probably Provoish or Novoish.
    Once more spy shots come in I’ll be able to tell you more what it looks like before it is revealed.

  4. Latest reports suggest Kia did quite significant design changes to the GT model, so comparing it to the GT concept doesn’t help.

    You have to look at the front overhangs (very short) that reveal this is a RWD car.

    Production GT is supposed to be RWD, right!

    The vehicle at the pics ain’t Hyundai Equus, and then there’s no other large sedan in the pipeline at Hyundai-Kia with exception of GT sedan.

    That’s why we think this could be the early prototype of the GT.

  5. This vehicle, the GT sedan, is supposed to be based on the same platform as Hyundai Genesis, which is offered with the AWD system.

    So, yes, I expect the GT to offer the AWD as well. It may not be available initially, but at somepoint Kia will probably introduce it to increase sales in the states where RWD vehicles don’t sell.

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