Global Kia sales increase 40 percent in September 2009

Kia’s global sales in September 2009 skyrocket 40 percent compared to last year’s figures.

With September sales skyrocketing 40 percent compared to last year’s figures, Kia continues to post impressive sales throughout the 2009.

Today, the Korean second-largest carmaker announced it has sold 155.223 units in September 2009 (+40 percent), while its cumulative sales in the first nine months reached 1.187.795 units.

With more than 208.000 units sold in the first nine months of fiscal year, Kia Forte remains the best-selling Kia car in global markets. The all-new Forte leads Sportage SUV and B-segment Rio taking second and third spot with 127.342 and 125.092 units sold, respectively.

Completing the group of five best selling Kia models in the 2009 are cee’d hatchback with 92.124 units sold and Kia’s mini-car Picanto with 73.991 units sold.

Last month, Kia experienced the largest sales gain in China where Kia cars attracted 25.356 new consumers (+130 percent). Korean sales totaled 39.006 units (+60 percent), while European and North American sales increased by 27 and 23 percent to 36.037 and 26.138 units.

Kia Soul sales

Kia Soul / Soul EV Sales Figures In 2016 (USA)

Cumulatively, through the first nine months the Chinese market experienced the highest gain with 166.869 units sold to date, while Korea and North America showed cumulative year-on-year sales increases of 27.2 percent (291.525 units sold) and 6.4 percent (274.976 units sold), respectively.

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  1. I’m allways interested in sales figures, but I do get concerned when the chart has some noteable holes like the Sorento, Rondo, & Soul.

  2. And out of those 28,443 Cerato’s that were sold this month, I own 1 of them 😉

    Eugene, OR, Forte EX automatic 😉

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