Outlook At Future Kia Models – 2017, 2018

The last brand-new nameplate added to the Kia range in the USA this year will be the Optima midsize sedan.

After that, Kia Motors Corp. will get to work on developing the next chapter in the brand story and rise to success.

The previous 5 years have seen periods of re-design and new model activity followed by periods of relative quiet on the product front.

We are now at a point where the line-up is exactly where they want it to be, which means we will see something like two major launches per year.

Kia Future 2017The goal of each of those will be to improve the quality of the ride, handling, and powertrains, not to mention the technology contained within.

Kia will also be looking to improve brand perception, which is set to begin with the release of the new Optima midsize sedan.

Here’s what else Kia Motors has on tap moving forward.

2017 Kia Models

Rio sub-compact car: A mild refresh is expected for the 2015 model year, but other than that, the model should remain pretty much the same until 2017.

Soul crossover vehicle: The car that helped put Kia in the spotlight got a full refresh last year, so don’t expect much more than a few special editions in the coming years.

Soul EV: This really is the big news out of the Soul champ, with the all-electric version of the iconic model due out next month in select states. The new vehicle will have a range of about 92 miles on a full charge, courtesy of a 27 kilowatt-hour lithium polymer batter pack that can be fully charged in under 5 hours.

Forte compact car: The Forte family received a major makeover last year, so don’t expect anything major until 2018. There should be a mid-cycle refresh in late 2016 or early 2017.

Optima mid-size sedan: The highly popular Optima will get its next generation release next year as a 2016 model year. This update will follow along the same lines of the Hyundai Sonata, which means that the platform will carry over, albeit with improvements that will help with ride, handling, and noise reduction.

Expect the 2.4-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines to also remain. The next generation model should have improved technology, such as lane-departure warning, forward-collision warning and adaptive cruise control.

Optima Hybrid: The hybrid version will arrive in showrooms roughly six months after the gas-powered model. A plug-in model is also rumored to be in the works!

Cadenza premium sedan: The move into near-premium territory began for Kia back in 2013 when this vehicle got a mid-cycle refresh. That move will see the Cadenza have a shorter life cycle than normal, which will mean a re-engineered version will come in 2016 as a 2017 Kia model.

Expect to see new sheet metal on the second generation model, while the current platform will likely be carried over, albeit with improvements that will deliver a more refined ride. The current V6 and 3.3-liter engine are also expected to remain intact, although a few updates will likely be included.

K900 luxury car: This vehicle arrived in the US in the spring, at exactly the same time it went through a mid-cycle refresh.

So far, it has only been able to muster up 948 units sold, but since Kia sees this model as a way to build brand perception, it will carry on. The next big change will come in the form of a redesign in 2018.

2017 Kia GT Sedan: A 4-door coupe-sedan is headed for the showrooms late next year or early 2017. There are no spy shots about this future Kia vehicle available at this point, however, rumours close to the carmaker state that Kia will actually bring it to production.

Sportage compact SUV: The compact crossover will get all new sheet metal when the new model arrives in 2016, just in time for the 2017 model year. The latest version rides on a brand new platform, so expect that to carry over to the new model along with the current powertrains.

Sorento SUV: A re-engineered version of the popular crossover will hit showrooms in the first quarter of next year as a 2016 model. As expected, new sheet metal will be included, as will a modified version of the Sorento CUV platform that was introduced as new back in 2010. The powertrain line-up will remain unchanged.

Small AWD crossover: An all-wheel-drive small crossover vehicle is also in the works at Kia. It is not known whether the vehicle will arrive to the U.S. soil, but it will go on sale in China and, possibly, Europe. We have already seen first spy shots of the small SUV.

Sedona MPV: Kia is hoping to lure families back into the minivan segment by introducing a fully redesigned Sedona with a more muscular style.

The new model will come with a wheelbase that is 1.5 inches longer, which means more legroom all round. The van will have a driving position that is more in line with an SUV than a minivan.

The new model will seat 8 as opposed to the 7 passengers on the outgoing model. All trim levels will feature third-row folding seats and 60/40 split that can be stowed in the cabin floor to create extra cargo space.

The 2015 Kia Sedona comes with a pretty powerful 3.3-liter V-6 engine with gasoline direct injection that delivers 276-hp and 248 lb.-ft. of torque. It also comes with a number of active safety systems, as well as the UVO eServices telematics system.

2017 Kia Sporty Car: Kia’s Chief Designer Peter Schreyer has already made it abundantly clear that he want to add a sports model to the Kia line-up.

As much as he wants it, sources say that the arrival of such a model is a long shot at best, especially if it were to be a convertible.

Kia simply doesn’t have any “room” to manufacture it right now and seem unwilling to commit to a low-volume model.

The industry was set alight when Kia showed off the GT4 Stinger concept sports coupe at the Detroit Auto Show.

Despite the excitement it created, it was nothing more than a design experiment, so don’t expect to see it in production anytime soon.

15 thoughts on “Outlook At Future Kia Models – 2017, 2018

  1. So So So SAD, whoever runs Kia development must have an IQ of ***… Bring a Cadenza and K900, as branding vehicles…and turn away the GT4, Provo, Trackster etc etc…

    They really have no clue… Targeting 1 in 350,000 for K900, and 1 in 200,00 for Cadenza, while passing up 60,000 plus figures for the Trackster, and GT4… Would rather 1000 cars to brave souls, than 60,000 to the majority of the NA population…

  2. The info above is not officially confirmed, so some models and their arrival dates may change slightly.

    It’s also possible that Kia brings additional models, including a GT4-based or Provo-based coupe to the market – at some point.

    I do agree with you that Kia plays a bit to much on the safe side with the new model launches.

    The time has come when they will have to bring something “extra exciting” (a real halo sports car) to the market, eventhough it won’t bring them loads of cash.

  3. Just look at US market & you’ll see small to mid size suv AWD are taking huge market share, see Subaru increase for exsample, think Audi, your sedans should and need AWD options, North America weather has been bad the few years and people want affordable AWD , Kia development needs to take a road trip through
    U S and talk to dealers and get a pluse on the market.
    The pluse isn’t large sedans non- AWD.

  4. Soul4u – They really have no clue… Targeting 1 in 350,000 for K900, and 1 in 200,00 for Cadenza.

    I’d say you’ve got no clue as those figures (or you’ve got too many digits) aren’t remotely close to estimates or targets (they can’t even built that many). Where did you get those figures from? From Jan to July this year Kia has only built just over 6,000 K9′s for domestic and export markets and about 25,000 Cadenza for the same. Kia Canada for example estimates to sell about 35-38 K900 for this year. I believe they expect just 1-2 thousand to be sold in the US.

  5. K900 expectations are 1000 units in the US for 2014, Population of 350 million divided by 1000 units is 1 in 350,000 people. In contrast Soul sales are around 150,000 units in the US divided by 350 million people means the Soul is 1 in 2333 people. Best part is take a calculator and try to find the percentage of people the K900 targets and it will give you an error or if you work it out Kia plans to target 0.000002857% of the population with the K900.

  6. sorry Soul4u, totally misunderstood how you was looking at it, its not normally presented that way.

  7. The mainstream RWD coupe market, aside from the pony cars is a losing proposition.

    Kia would do better to bring to production the luxury GT (to slot underneath the K900) and a smaller CUV (presumably, the next Sportage will grow some).

    Kia did not expand the Soul lineup b/c they just didn’t have the production capacity but once the new Mexico plant goes online we probably will see at least one variant of the Soul (would also help if the Soul adds AWD, but Kia may be concerned that doing so would take away sales from its CUVs).

    For a sports coupe, Kia would be better off doing a 2-door version of the GT since it’s easier for Asian automakers to make $$ in luxury coupe sales rather than trying to compete against the pony cars.

  8. As for the K900, the addition of the V6 model should help sales, but things really won’t get going until the next gen model with the new platform (better handling) and the addition of AWD.

    If the report is accurate, it’s smart for Kia to launch the GT before the next gen K900.

  9. Hello,This is Bernard Edwards and I wanted to ask kia and Hyundai why we can’t have all drive as we get snow and harsh winters,and why do you only have available on your premium cars like the genesis,and are you only interested in money only or the safety of your cuctomers,and we have had nine Hyundai’s and two kia’s and currently own a black on black kia sorento sxl,and it is simply beautiful,and I see pictures of the 2016 sorento and I will be buying it next fall,and you should offer all drive across the board,not just the high priced models..come on kis get with the all wheel drive program it works for suburu safets pays..Bernard Edwards canal Winchester ohio 43110 and my cell is 614 833-6324

  10. Hello This is Bernard Edwards in canal Winchester,ohio and I want to further ask you to get on the all wheel drive program as It sells cars for people who live in the sno belt,and I have had nine Hyundai’s and kia’s and not once has either one sent me a thank you for buying so many of your cars it is people like me who has made your company what it is today so think about this and think more what American customers wantthanks Bernard Edwards canal Winchester,ohio 43110

  11. A redesigned Cadenza……just like I said eariler on the latest article about that cee’d facelift…..I KNEW IT!!! It just hasn’t been caught yet. Because they are using the redesigned Sportage or Optima or cee’d faclift to hide it as long as possible.

  12. … hyundia’s tucson is positioned at 176″ long … with the sante fe sport being 184″ long, and the sante fe being something along the lines of 190″ long.

    … for kia, there is no in the middle (sante fe sport) in-between the sportage and the sorento … i wonder if they’re gonna stretch out the 2017 sportage to around 179 to 184″ long … kind of a *nice middleground* … the current 2016 kia sorento measure it around 187″ long.

    and please KIA and HYUNDIA … for us DOG owners, please please please add a FLIP REAR GLASS (power would be nice but probably too expensive) … at least a FLIP REAR GLASS … please please please …

    most manufactorers (for probably cost reasons) have abandoned the flip-rear-glass feature … i believe the only major players left that manufacture one are … toyota (highlander, 4 runner), range rover) … BRING BACK THE FLIP REAR GLASS!!

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