End of the year brings us some new Kia spy shots

Santa brings us some fresh spy shots of the 2010 Kia VG (codename) sedan!

Here are some new Kia spy shots that were published at AVING network and show us a heavily disguised near luxury Kia VG prototype, which was caught by AVING spy shots.

This is yet another series of spy pics of the upcoming Kia VG sedan, which is about to hit the Korean market in the Autumn next year.

Although we have seen plenty of VG spy shots in the past year, we haven’t gathered many information on this upcoming Kia model. It is still not known how this vehicle will be positioned in the Kia range. Is it going to replace the Amanti/Opirus or it will be a stand alone model?


We know that Kia VG is coming to the USA in the 2010, but is it going to be built in USA? What engines will it have? Is it possible that this is going to be the first Kia vehicle to feature direct-injection gasoline engine, which Kia said it has in the pipeline?

Well, there are many questions on the 2010 Kia VG sedan at the moment, so let’s hope the 2009 will bring us all the answers and solves the mystery on this exciting Kia model!

vg2.jpg     vg11.jpg     vg3.jpg

7 thoughts on “End of the year brings us some new Kia spy shots

  1. I was wondering if this will be the other car that will be made in the West pont GA facility

  2. Nope….the deal with the West Point factory original plan called for it to produce the next gen 2010 Kia Sorento and the Kia pick up truck but unfortunately Kia scrapped plans for the pick up truck so they are going to use the other production line at the factory to produce a Hyundai instead.

  3. That isn’t true, according to Mr. Ahn, a Kia sedan will be produced at the west point facility.

  4. So what is so different about these spy shots?? We have seen it all before, did they change the camo or something? And Kia might produce a Soul pickup, which would pretty much be a Kia sedan.

  5. I also see some Jaguar XF in the design of VG. See the window line going upwards. Similar design has been used on the Jag, but of course, it will look better on Kia!! 😉

  6. I too think For’d done great job with the Taurus design and also good interiors. The other two I like are the Jag XFR and Infiniti G sedan.

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