Eco_Ceed, The Fourth Member Of The Kia Ceed family

Kia is joining European automakers that are going green at this year’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show beeing held from September 11th. Several automakers including Audi, Opel and Mercedes are going to showcase a renge of eco-friendly cars to the public and so will Kia Motors!

Based on the five-door cee’d hatchback, the new eco-friendly model will be named the “Eco_Cee’d”. This will be the fourth model to join the family of Euro-made Kia cars that currently include a five-door Cee’d hatchback, Cee’d SW (Sporty Wagon) and sporty three-door Pro_cee’d.

Right now we have not many details about the car’s powertrain technology, however, we have learned that the forth-coming Kia Eco_Cee’d will not be a hybrid car.

Instead, the Eco_cee’d will be a standard production model with some lighter body parts applied to the body. Additionally, the fuel-sipping cee’d will usse additional green technology gadgets, such as Idle Stop & Go dydtem, which shuts down the vehicle’s engine automatically when stopped.

Kia says such an advanced system can improve fuel consumption and lower CO2 output by up to 10%. The Idle Stop & Go system was first introduced in a brand-new Kia Picanto minicar concept last year, but it was never used in serial production.

So, the news about Kia’s showstopper at the Frankfurt Motor Show are surely exciting, although it’s too bad we do not know whether the Eco_cee’d will ever see the serial mass production or not. Only time can tell!

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