Kia Dealerships To Have Bigger Inventory In 2014

Kia dealerships should have a bigger inventory in 2014 as the Korean automaker looks to reverse the sales decline that they witnessed last year, the first since 2008.

Dan Hobden manages six different Kia dealerships in three different states, as well as being the chairman of Kia’s dealer council.

He passed on word received from Kia executives at a recent meeting that somewhere in the region of 23,000 units of additional production will be added to the market in the US this coming year.

The 535,179 vehicles sold by Kia in 2013 represented a 4% drop over the previous year, despite the fact that industry sales saw an 8% increase.

Additional production and a 62-day supply of inventory should help reverse the trend from last year, when a 30-day stock supply was not uncommon.

Hobden feels that the moves being made are incredibly positive and should help Kia bounce back in 2014.

Kia Forte, Sportage To Benefit From Larger Inventories

The Forte compact carKia Forte Sedan Photo and Sportage crossover are likely to see the biggest benefit of the production increase.

Supplies of the Forte took a hit last year due to the fact that it was in the middle of a model year changeover.

Ken Phillips, owner of three dealerships and one of the highest volume sellers revealed that there will be increases on models that have proven to be top sellers, but that have fallen prey to shortages.

He also pointed to the upcoming K900 luxury sedan as something that will help bolster the Kia brand.

Part of the problem that Kia faced last year was one that many automakers wished they had.

They released a number of new and redesigned vehicles to help build the brand, which meant marketing money was spread a little thin.

Some of the most notable redesigns were the Optima midsize sedan, the ever popular Soul, and a new Cadenza that came at the tail end of the year.

New Kias To Be Released In USA

Kia KoupThe vehicles on the roster this year are on the lower end of the scale, with the K900 and Sedona minivan arriving soon.

That should allow more funds to be allocated towards marketing the high-volume vehicles in the lineup.

Much of the talk at the dealership meeting revolved around the release of the K900.

Kia has not released any sales targets, but it was revealed that about 250 of Kia’s 780 or so local U.S. Kia dealerships would have stock of the vehicle.

The marketing campaign for the K900 will begin during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. Michael Sprague, executive vice president of marketing for Kia Motors America, has hopes that the K900 will serve as a halo product that will help illuminate everything else in the Kia lineup.

Sprague feels the K900 could serve as the flagship for the brand, especially when consumers get a look at how special the car is.

He feels that good feeling could be enough to lift the likes of the Sorento, Optima, and Cadenza, with a trickledown effect eventually touching all the other models. [News source: autonews.com]

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