Cocktail Orange Kia Soul Image Gallery

Kia Motors held a press event in South Korea yesterday to officially present the Soul crossover to domestic consumers.

With the Soul, Kia Motors aims to take the lead in the crossover market at home, as well as abroad.

At the event, the company revealed it plans to sell 18,000 units of the Soul this year.

Considering the Soul will have a buyer friendly pricing and sports some great styling cues, there should be no problems by achieving that.

Korean online and offline media are the first ones that got to see the Soul up close and their first reports, including large amounts of quality images are coming in.

Guys from Careview have just published some great shots of Kia Soul coated in a beautiful Cocktail Orange color and equipped with attractive “Burner” style alloy-wheels.

To see their Kia photos, hit the jump at the end of this post.

The Kia Soul will go on sale in Korea this November, followed by Europe, USA and other regions, where it will take on cars like Scion xD and Nissan Cube.

Sales in Europe will reportedly commence in February 2009, while the introduction into American and Chinese market is planned for March of the same year. [Photosource: Careview and Megaauto]

kia-soul-cocktail-orange-1.jpg     kia-soul-cocktail-orange-2.jpg     kia-soul-wanilla-white-2.jpg

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14 thoughts on “Cocktail Orange Kia Soul Image Gallery

  1. Is that how the engine is gonna look? Please tell me this isnt going to be the same with the 2.0L. The engine look really dated without a cover! Like everythin else I’m seeing

  2. I know this is slightly unrelated, but the 2010 camaro has several engine covers to choose from as options. I personally don’t see why anyone needs an engine cover. The only engine cover I need is called a hood. :)

  3. “The only engine cover I need is called a hood. ” :) True on that arumage!!

    Check out those black rear and fron bumper skirts. In my opinion, the skirts and “Burner” style alloys are a “must have” on the Kia Soul. Orange color also fits great to the car as well.

  4. I think that orange is really cool looking on that vehicle. Much better than Rio, Rio5, Spectra, and Spectra5’s orange.

  5. Everybody already knows……I love the Cocktail Orange, head and shoulders above the other colors.

  6. oh my goooooosh!!!! i LOVE this color! someday, i am buying this car. im not even kidding. its my new love, my new reason for living each day. :) …….. someday, when i get rich.

  7. I am looking for a true Orange Kia Soul, is Orange cocktail the same as Ignition, and what year would I need to look at to find the Orange of my dreams ?

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