Cee’d SW scoops the 2008 What Diesel Car? Estate car of the year award

The cee’d family’s accolades just keep coming. This time the cee’d SW takes the spotlight, scooping the 2008 What Diesel Car? Estate car of the year award.

A panel of 10 judges whittled down the 114 contenders to just 10 category winners. Theall-new Kia cee’d SW beat off tough competition from 18 other models in the category, including the Ford Mondeo and Skoda Octavia estates, to conquer one of the most hotly contended sectors.

It is the cee’d SW’s practicality, styling and value for money that meant it took the top spot, with up to 1664 litres of luggage space, a starting price of just Ł13,195 and an industry leading seven year warranty.

Ian Robertson, Editor of What Diesel Magazine, commented “The cee’d SW is great value for money, backed up with an unbeatable warranty, and is stylish and practical. What more could you want from an estate car?”

Paul Philpott, Managing Director of Kia Motors UK Ltd, stated: “I am thrilled that cee’d SW has won this impressive award. Having been in the market place for less than a year I am certain that the estate can only continue to positively affirm people’s attitudes towards Kia. [Source: kia UK]

14 thoughts on “Cee’d SW scoops the 2008 What Diesel Car? Estate car of the year award

  1. there. another award. Kia is doing great in europe, mostly cee’d. I really wish one of the cee’ds were sold here. anyway, keep it up Kia!

  2. Again, Kia of Europe proves itself a fantastic operation. The cee’d continues to amaze everyone that gives it a chance. If only we can convince KMA to bring a cee’d (pro_cee’d is my preference!) to the USA.
    Himi: Doesn’t the cee’d line have a 7 year full warranty? Does that cover the majority of the vehicle? The USA warranty that everyone knows about is the 10 year, 100k mile powertrain warranty. The rest of the vehicle is 3 year, 36k mile or 5 year, 60k mile. Except the emission system is 8 year, 80k (federal law required). If it is 7 year full warranty, that’s better than almost everything the KMA cars have!

  3. The 10 year powertrain warranty covers everything that makes the car go forward and back. Even the wheel bearings.

  4. According to Hyundai it doesn’t cover worn-out clutch assemblies. There appear to be a lot of pissed-off Hyundai Tiburon customers speaking about their treatment from Hyundai on Edmunds.com. Their Tibby’s clutches are wearing out after only 15,000-20,000 miles and a lot of them claim they’re driving them correctly, too. Humm. Hyundai is refusing to cover clutch assemblies as part of their Long-Haul Warranty. Ouch, we’re talking $2,000 repairs for those owners. OTOH the automatic-trannied Hyundai Tiburons seem to be holding up just fine.

  5. I just asked our service department, they said the clutch is considered a wearable item, and it’s only covered by a 12 month, 12k mile warranty. I haven’t seen anyone with a recent, low mileage vehicle have clutch problems, but I’m sure they’ll be upset as well when that thing wears out. They said it’d be probably around $1000 to fix, though that’s an estimate.

  6. Ahh, but Greg, the Spectra is built by Kia. I have learned that Kia’s are built ever-so-well and ever-so-tight, and so the one you guys had is one of thousands and thousands in which troubles are not found. I have owned two new Kia’s, and my out-of-pocket costs for repairs, maintenance and upkeep were minimal and very reasonable. This is just one of the reasons why I am still very interested in the Kia brand of automobiles.

  7. Jason: sorry for my late reply… I found this information regarding the famous cee’d warranty:

    Seven year warranty includes:

    3 years/ unlimited mileage full manufacturers warranty
    3 -5 years / 100,000 miles full manufacturers warranty
    5 – 7 years / 100,000 miles powertrain warranty

    To top it all off, there’s also a 10-year anti-perforation guarantee, five years’ paint protection…and most important, warranty will be expanded to all upcoming Kia models…

  8. still baffled with all these accolades that KIA doesn’t bring it to North America, I’m sure it would be very successful for them. Maybe bring a model to some of these auto shows and get some feedback!

  9. conwelpic: The new Spectra will be based on the same platform as cee’d. Only the design will be different, so you’ll basicly get the same vehicle.

    I’m sure you envy us a little bit right now, but in a year or so, I’ll be the one who will beg Kia to bring the new Spectra to Europe! Which of course will not happen.
    cee’d= EU car, Spectra = the rest of the world

    I’m pretty sure new Spectra will be as good car as cee’d is and it will most likely bring as much accolades to Kia as cee’d did in EU.

  10. even though you will be wanting the new spectra to sell in europe, We will still not get pro_cee’d. coupes arent given much attention here.

  11. Coupes are really a niche market here in the States, too, but the new Kia Koup is so nice looking that it may draw people over to it that wouldn’t normally buy a Coupe. Or, they may want 4-doors like I do, and be interested in the new Kia Spectra for 2009. Or the ’09 Spec5 (the name may end up being something else than Spec5, dunno about that).

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