Cee’d heading to Australia?

Kia has confirmed it will add ‘eco’ versions of the strangely named cee’d model to its product line up early in 2009 – the year we may see the cee’d arrive in Australian dealer showrooms.

Based on the Eco_cee’d concept car seen at the recent Frankfurt motor show, the new ”green” versions of Kia cee’d will achieve better fuel consumption with fewer emissions.

All the technologies featured on the Eco_cee’d concept will be adopted by the new ‘eco’ production models the Korean brand is planning to manufacture at its Zilina facility in Slovakia from December next year.

While Kia Australia continues negotiations with the factory to bring the cee’d to this country, it will be 2009 at the earliest. Kia spokesman Jonathan Fletcher said there was not enough capacity at the company’s Slovakian factory with three versions – a five-door hatch, a five-door wagon and a three-door hatch – on the way as well as a soon-to-be- established Sportage line.

”We’re still negotiating with the factory but it’s likely to be a 2009 prospect – probably the second half,” Mr Fletcher said. ”The more popular it is in Europe, the harder it will be to get cee’d here any earlier.”

Kia says the new ‘eco’ range confirms their commitment to creating environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient production models that don’t lose sight of customer expectations for cars with a sporty design and fun-to- drive performance. [Source: The Chronicle]

7 thoughts on “Cee’d heading to Australia?

  1. the cee’d must be build in korea and the cerato5 (spectra5) must be replace by the cee’d, in hwaseong or sohari

  2. Spectra will not be replaced by cee’d. The next generation Spectra is already beeing developed and will be suited for US market. As far as I know, It will be built in Korea. But production might be relocated later to US, when Kia builds it’s factory there.

  3. i tell you, the cerato5 (HB) must be replaced by the cee’d, maybe with a little diferences (the engines, volumetric compressor, etc), why?, because the cee’d it’s a good product, with a global position, very well, various friends ask me…when the cee’d arrives to chile…or when the cee’d becomes, and i just answer, no, the cee’d it is only for europe.

  4. You can expect new Spectra to be just as good as cee’d. It will be basicly the same car under the skin, but with different exterior and interior design.

  5. According to Pete, the new Spectra shares the same frame and basic layout as the Cee’d and will probably have a “Kee” grille. Kia is pushing HARD for diesels in America. That’s all Pete will give me.

  6. Isn’t Kia preparing a Spectra concept car for next week’s L.A. Auto Show!? We will see if the car really resembles to cee’d.

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