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Facts to know about the New Kia Sportage SUV

In North America, there is no automotive segment growing faster than the compact crossover. That is perhaps why Kia has gone to great lengths to deliver a stunning redesign of the Sportage compact SUV. Inside and out, every detail of the new model has been given the upgraded treatment. The end result is...

0 Comment | Posted October 1st

2018 Kia Sportage Premium Package (Features & Cost)

The 2018 Sportage crossover is slowly but surely becoming one of the Kia’s best-selling vehicles in the United States. This steady rise in popularity really started to kick in after the US-spec model got a big makeover a year and a half ago. It's easy to understand why the Sportage is such...

0 Comment | Posted July 26th

2018 Kia Sportage Size: Ground Clearance, Cargo, Dimensions

Kia has enjoyed a lot of sales success in recent years, and much of the credit has to go to the Sportage compact SUV. The vehicle has now entered its 4th generation, which means that it got an update both inside and out. This is all great, but with so many compact SUV...

3 Comments | Posted March 31st

Does 2018 Kia Sportage Come In Red Color?

Kia Sportage in red color - is it available in 2018? Whe you purchase a new vehicle, you want people to be impressed by your decision. The 4th generation Kia Sportage makes that task easy, as this is a compact crossover vehicle that begs to be noticed, thanks in large part to...

2 Comments | Posted December 10th

Kia Sportage Comes In Brown Color Called Burnished Copper

Kia Sportage in brown color - is it on sale in 2016? The fourth generation Kia Sportage is a great looking SUV that comes with a host of standard features and some serious upgrades over the outgoing model. We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of months talking...

0 Comment | Posted September 9th

Is There A Silver Kia Sportage Available In 2018

The 2018 Kia Sportage is available in silver color, called Mineral Silver. Let's have a look. The Sportage has always been a vehicle that gets a lot of positive attention, but the fourth generation version of the compact crossover vehicle is set to turn more heads than ever before. Kia have raised the...

0 Comment | Posted September 1st

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