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Kia Soul Used As A Company Car – Owner Interview

The latest in our Kia Soul owner’s series takes us to Windsor, Canada, where we spoke to Nicole, the owner of a small business named Candid K Nines Treats. Nicole joined a family of Kia owners, with her brother and father both also fans of the brand. This dog lover believes...

1 Comment | Posted November 15th

Kia Soul Problems – Have You Had Any?

Fans of the Kia Soul will go out of their way to tell you what a great vehicle it is. They are not just talking about how it looks and drives here either, as they will also talk a lot about the reliability of the funky little crossover. It shouldn’t really come...

1 Comment | Posted November 10th

2017 Kia Soul Facelift – Latest News & Rumors

Latest rumors and news about the 2017 Kia Soul (release date, color changes, turbo engine and AWD addition)! Kia Soul crossover vehicle represents a major success story for the South Korean brand. In terms of sales, the Soul CUV has been the second best-selling Kia vehicle in the United States, and the top-selling...

49 Comments | Posted October 22nd

Kia Soul 1,6L T-GDI Turbo Specifications Detailed

Kia Soul owners love their "hamster rides", but a good number of them have been calling for a turbo version of the vehicle for a while, and now their wish is being granted. The addition of a Soul turbo to the Kia line-up will hopefully help push the Soul sales in...

3 Comments | Posted September 24th

Canada: Kia Soul Turbo Getting 1,6L T-GDI Engine, Sportier Appearance

We have a big exclusive here, and it comes in the form of leaked documents that share details of the upcoming 2017 Kia Soul. We already know that a facelift is on the way for this model, and we have seen some very early spy pictures. The styling of the car will...

1 Comment | Posted July 30th

Kia Soul Energy Edition Already At Dealerships In Canada

There are few vehicles on the road today that are as open to customization as the Kia Soul. If you regularly follow our Kia blog, you will have already read our interview series that features people who have made a variety of changes to their Soul crossovers. As fun as all of...

0 Comment | Posted June 26th

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