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Fully-Loaded 2017 Kia Soul Exclaim – What’s The Cost

It’s impossible to put your finger on the exact moment that the Kia brand started to get noticed, but we would wager that it was around the time that the Soul hit the market in 2009. It’s a great looking vehicle that is not that expensive to get into, which begs...

1 Comment | Posted February 22nd

2017 Kia Soul Tarmac Special Edition Available?

Kia Soul Tarmac limited edition model - is it still available in 2017? The Kia Soul has a style all its own, and that is a look that makes it incredibly special. You might believe that nothing can be done to make it look even better, but Kia are taking a shot...

0 Comment | Posted January 23rd

HOT: 2018 Kia Soul Release Date News & Rumors

Latest rumors and news about the 2018 Kia Soul (release date, color changes, turbo engine and AWD availability)! Kia Soul crossover vehicle represents a major success story for the South Korean brand. In terms of sales, the Soul CUV has been the best-selling Kia vehicle in the United States, and the top-selling...

0 Comment | Posted January 10th

2017 Kia Soul Release Date, Turbo Engine, Colors, Price

It’s no real surprise that the Kia brand started to get some real positive attention after the release of the Kia Soul eight years ago. The boxy little beauty was an instant hit, but if there was one complaint shared by its many fans, it was that it needed a little more...

49 Comments | Posted January 10th

Kia Soul Used As A Company Car – Owner Interview

The latest in our Kia Soul owner’s series takes us to Windsor, Canada, where we spoke to Nicole, the owner of a small business named Candid K Nines Treats. Nicole joined a family of Kia owners, with her brother and father both also fans of the brand. This dog lover believes...

1 Comment | Posted November 15th

Kia Soul Problems – Have You Had Any?

Fans of the Kia Soul will go out of their way to tell you what a great vehicle it is. They are not just talking about how it looks and drives here either, as they will also talk a lot about the reliability of the funky little crossover. It shouldn’t really come...

1 Comment | Posted November 10th

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