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Find latest sales figures of Kia cars, SUVs and crossover vehicles in the United States, Europe, Canada, China and Korea.

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Kia U.S. sales figures in November 2017

The hope was that Kia sales in the US would improve after a few sluggish months. After all, November has traditionally been a strong sales month for the Korean automaker. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned for Kia U.S., as the trend of slower sales numbers this year continued. It's not all...

0 Comment | Posted December 8th

Top-Selling Kia Models In September 2017

Kia Motors America are used to sales success, and while the numbers in 2017 have been good, they have been a bit off the pace when compared to 2016. As 2017 draws to close, though, there are signs that Kia may be ready to finish with a little bit of a...

0 Comment | Posted October 5th

Kia US April 2017 Sales Figures: Forte Up, Soul Down

Kia Motors America have released the details of their sales figures for the month of April, so let's take a closer look. As a whole, the first quarter has been a bit of a disappointment, with the 181,000 units sold down from the 202,000 units sold during the same period last...

2 Comments | Posted May 4th

Kia Canada Incentives, Deals For April 2017

March was a good month for Kia Canada, with a total of 6,346 units sold, which was a 6.1% year on year increase. Leading the pack was the Kia Forte, which sold 1,623 units, a 55% increase over last March. Rounding out the top 3 were the Sorento SUV with 1,332 units,...

0 Comment | Posted April 5th

Kia US Sales Figures Report: September 2016

As we roll into the month of October, we can now look back at the previous month to see how sales went for Kia in September. It was a pretty poor month all around for the major automakers, as they all saw some sort of sales dip. The results were not totally...

1 Comment | Posted October 4th

Kia USA Announces July 2016 Sales Figures

Kia Motors America reveals July 2016 sales figures! It was a great first half of the year for Kia Motors America, as they delivered their best sales performance ever. The second half is off to a great start too, as July saw 59,969 units sold, a 6.5% increase over 2015. There were a...

0 Comment | Posted August 2nd

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