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Latest news about Kia Ray.

Ray boxy car is the automaker’s domestic market model on sale only in South Korea.

It is available as an all electric model, as well as a regular, gasoline powered model.

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Kia Ray EV Driving Range, Electric Motor Specs

Kia Ray electric vehicle, a zero-emission city car, marks the beginning of a new era in Korean motoring! Kia is entering the electric vehicle market by introducing the all-new Ray EV, Korea's first-ever mass produced electric vehicle. After the official unveiling of a petrol-powered Ray mini-car, Kia has now lifted the lid...

4 Comments | Posted December 22nd

Kia Video News: Ray City Car Commerical

This is the all-new Kia Ray city car. Developed exclusively for the home Korean market, the Ray is based on the same platform as the Picanto city car. Available only as a 5-door hatchback, the Kia Ray is recognized as the South Korean first-ever KEI car. Note: small boxy hatchbacks are extremely popular...

7 Comments | Posted November 23rd

Kia Ray engine specs released

Kia Motors Korea drops new image and more information about Ray's engine / gearbox options...  Kia has finally released some official details about the all-new Ray city car, which made its official "on-line" premiere last week with the release of first official images. Set to go on sale next week, the...

4 Comments | Posted November 21st

First Pics Of New Kia Ray (Korean Market Vehicle)

Kia Ray box-type city car revealed in South Korea! Earlier today, Kia Motors Corporation unveiled a brand-new city-car called Ray, which will be marketed exclusively in South Korea. Known previously as Kia TAM (development codename), the all-new city-car belongs to the A-segment and is built upon the Picanto city-car platform. As seen from the...

7 Comments | Posted November 9th

Spy Shots Of All Electric Kia TAM (Codename)

It appears that Kia is working on a battery-electric version of their TAM mini-car, which is scheduled to hit the Korean market this year! We could consider Kia and Hyundai as latecomers to the hybrid scene, but lately they both have made great strides introducing their first-ever hybrid sedans, the Optima...

3 Comments | Posted September 19th

Kia Tam interior images

Here are the very-first interior spy shots of the forthcoming Kia TAM. Have a look!   Although we have seen some Kia TAM spy shots before, this is the first time we get an up-close look at the interior of Kia's first-ever "kei-style" car. These spy shots are not of the...

16 Comments | Posted June 30th

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