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Kia Vehicles With Ventilated Front Seats

The hot summer months are just around the corner, and that means trying to find an effective way to stay cool when you drive. One option available to you is to invest in a Kia vehicle that offers a seat cooling system. After all, even with the AC on high, you can...

0 Comment | Posted March 24th

Fully-Loaded Kia Niro Touring – What’s The Cost?

If we have learned anything from the hybrid auto market, it's that the cost of going green is usually quite pricy. When Kia announced that they were going to introduce a hybrid crossover, a first for the Koreans, the general consensus was that it would end up being a rather pricy...

0 Comment | Posted January 27th

Melissa McCarthy In Kia Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

Kia Motors America has released first details about their upcoming 2017 Super Bowl ad. The company is returning to the Super Bowl for the eighth consecutive year with a 60-second video commercial. After putting Christoper Walken in last year’s Super Bowl commercial, the automaker is turning to another celebrity to hype the...

3 Comments | Posted January 23rd

Kia-World Wishes You All A Happy New Year

It has been another busy year here at Kia World, and we can not believe how quickly it has passed by. As we look forward to 2017, we would be remiss if we didn't take some time to deliver some thanks and good wishes. To all the Kia owners, dealerships, and staff,...

0 Comment | Posted January 2nd

Blue Kia Sportage – Is It Available In 2017

Is there a blue Kia Sportage on sale in US? Yes it is, let's have a look. Safety features, technology, and a stunning design are all part of the make-up of the new-generation Kia Sportage CUV. This is a model that has become consistently better with each passing generation, and it may very...

2 Comments | Posted September 1st

Why People Prefer To Import Japanese And Asian Cars

If you are interested in purchasing and importing a Japanese or Asian car into the US but are unsure how to purchase a car from there then you have come to the right place. We will share with you exactly how to buy a used car as well as the steps...

0 Comment | Posted August 1st

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