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Have you ever wondered what is the fastest Kia car currently on sale in the United States? The answer's simple... For the past couple of years, it was the range topping Kia K900 that was a top of 0-60 chart among Kia models. With its large V8 engine and 420 horsepower, the K900...

0 Comment | Posted April 26th

Can You Really Make Money Driving For Uber?

Working for a major corporation usually means having to put in hours that are dictated to you, and basically having very little freedom on the job. There are some exceptions to the rule, though, and Uber appears to be at or near the top of the list. Uber have created a way...

0 Comment | Posted March 27th

Kia Vehicles With Ventilated Front Seats

The hot summer months are just around the corner, and that means trying to find an effective way to stay cool when you drive. One option available to you is to invest in a Kia vehicle that offers a seat cooling system. After all, even with the AC on high, you can...

0 Comment | Posted March 24th

3 Low Cost Kia Cars For Sale In U.S. (Under $20,000)

Kia has long been known as a brand that delivers quality vehicles at an affordable price. It is in fact possible to get a Kia model for less than $20,000, and that doesn’t mean having to give up on features, too. We have complied a list of the cheapest Kia cars in...

0 Comment | Posted March 14th

Hyundai & Kia Small Car, SUV Models In 2017

One thing that Kia and Hyundai have done really well over the last decade or so is to ensure that they have a vehicle in just about every major vehicle segment. From sub-compacts to SUV's, Kia and Hyundai had their customers covered. There is stiff competition to be found in each of...

2 Comments | Posted February 6th

2018 Kia Model Line Up Projections – Trucks, Car, SUV

We have just gotten a hint about the upcoming 2018 Kia models and think sharing the news with you guys would be a cool gesture. It's true that this is almost one year away from now, but you can expect the first Kia vehicles, labeled as 2018 models, being put on...

4 Comments | Posted February 2nd

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