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Best Box Shaped Car Of 2017: Kia Soul

A few years ago in the US, the "box on wheels" car concept was born, with several different boxy vehicles arriving on the market at the same time. These cars were unlike anything ever seen before, which may explain why consumers were so taken by the look. The design of these vehicles...

1 Comment | Posted January 10th

Kia-World Wishes You All A Happy New Year

It has been another busy year here at Kia World, and we can not believe how quickly it has passed by. As we look forward to 2017, we would be remiss if we didn't take some time to deliver some thanks and good wishes. To all the Kia owners, dealerships, and staff,...

0 Comment | Posted January 2nd

Get Ice Off Your Kia Windshield In Seconds

Winter weather brings with it a host of issues that we are forced to live with when we live in a place with a colder climate. Overnight winter storms that deliver power outages, and the cold and flu bug are just a couple of the issues that can make life unbearable...

3 Comments | Posted December 29th

How Kia Can Maximize Your Uber Earnings

It was only a few years ago that you could have gone up to any gearhead and say, “Want to hear a joke?... Kia!” But times have changed, and Kia is one of the fastest growing automakers in the world who has seen continual growth in global markets, and has even...

0 Comment | Posted December 20th

Kia Roadside Assistance (Phone Number) USA

Things to know about the Kia USA roadside assistance program (phone number, contact, flat tire, etc...). When you buy a new car, you want to be reassured that you have made a sound investment. After all, you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars going into your new ride, and the...

0 Comment | Posted December 16th

2017 Kia Models With Nappa Leather

Which Kia models come available with premium Nappa leather? When you go looking for luxury with your new car purchase, one of the key elements of that upgrade is leather seating. If it's a Kia car you are in the market for, that means getting Nappa leather. You are probably wondering the difference...

0 Comment | Posted December 14th

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