Kia Carens Beats Toyota Verso, Ford Grand C-Max In A Comparison Review

Kia has spent the last few years giving its lineup something of a major makeover.

The all-new Carens compact MPV, which got the 5-star safety rating at the EuroNCAP crash tests recently, marks the final piece in that makeover puzzle.

Everything about the 7-seater is new, both inside and out, with a stylish new look and a beautifully laid out interior.

The Carens is up against some stiff competition, so let’s take a look at how the Carens 1.7 CRDi diesel lines up against some of its rivals.

There are two in particular that are likely to be pushing for top spot in the category.

Toyota Verso, Ford Grand C-Max Minivans

The first of those is the Toyota Verso, which has recently undergone some changes of its own. It comes with a new engine and a snazzy seat folding mechanism.

The other vehicle is the Ford Grand C-Max, which is the only one of this group that comes with sliding doors. It also has great handling going very much in its favor.

All three cars fall in a price range that separates them all by a mere £1,000, but which one is the winner?

Kia Carens Beats The Competition

There really isn’t a bad choice to be had by opting for any of the three, assuming of course that the rear seats are for kids only. This is where the Ford Grand C-MAX loses out in the competition.

Yes, the sliding doors are great, but its 1.6-liter diesel engine falls flat in power and fuel economy when compared to the other two. The seat mechanism is rather clunky, and a little math reveals only four and a half seats in back.

The Toyota Verso places second out of this trio. The way in which the seating can be laid out is great, as is performance and fuel economy.

The biggest downfall for this vehicle is that is delivers what can only be described as an uninspired drive.

Top spot goes to the Kia Carens. It is the cheaper option of the three, yet is on a par with the Verso in terms of kit and versatility.

It may not be the most exciting car you will ever get behind the wheel of, but in terms of a family-friendly vehicle, it scores in all the right places.

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Final Notes From Autoexpress’ Comparison Review:

1. The all-new Carens MPV offers the biggest boot in five-seat mode makes.

2. It is the best minivan for everyday use!

3. It is priced lower than both, the Verso and Grand C-MAX.

4. Hard to beat 7-year warranty.

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