Heavy Fire Destroys Kia Car Showroom In Scottsdale, AZ

Fire investigators in Scottsdale, AZ have said that a fire which tore through a car showroom in the early hours of Tuesday morning began in an unoccupied attic area.

The first-alarm call came in at around 12.30 am, with the Mark Kia dealership already ablaze when firefighters arrived. The building was being remodeled and was in the final stages of construction.

Despite knowing where the fire originated, it may take some time to determine the actual cause. Firefighters and insurance investigators have now been given the task of sifting through the damage in search of answers.

Josh Spencer, general manager of Mark Kia, revealed that the showroom had just passed its fire inspection, and that no car where present when the fire took hold.

Kia AZThe vehicles were due to be put into the Kia showroom on Tuesday morning.

A final Certificate of Occupancy had not yet been cleared by the Scottsdale Building and Fire Departments.

The amount spent on the year-long remodel was somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million, with damages estimated to be in and around those same figures.

Scottsdale Fire Chief Tom Shannon said that the inspection would move from exits and equipment to the electrical and AC parts of the building.

The fire actually consumed the plastic pipe that leads to the sprinkler system, which is not uncommon. Once that happened and the roof collapsed, the sprinkler system became useless.

All told, about 80 firefighters from the surrounding area were on call to tackle the blaze, which actually reignited outside.

Portions of Scottsdale Road were closed off for several hours while firefighters went to work. One firefighter had to be treated for what was believed to be heat exhaustion.

The fire will have a direct impact on 70 employees, all of whom have vowed to stay loyal to the dealership.

Dan Flaherty, who works in the collision center, said that the company had been very good to him and the other employees, which is why they are all choosing to remain loyal.

Fire crews helped employees clear a path where customers could enter the undamaged part of the dealership, before finally leaving at around 1 pm on Tuesday. It was at that point that fire investigators arrived in the scene.

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