Car Shipping Truck Full Of Kia Vehicles Crashes

Drivers on an icy road in an undisclosed location might very well have been forgiven for believing that they were unwitting participants in an action movie sequence.

The dashcam of a car on the road caught all the action as a vehicle shipping truck spun out of control on the icy road, setting off a chain of events that had sparks flying, pedestrians racing, and the Kia Sportage’s, Venga’s, and Soul’s loaded on the back getting flipped off in the carnage.

The driver of the car with the camera seemed to be cruising along just fine as the transporter drew level with him on the right hand side.

It’s impossible to tell what set off the wicked chain of events, but mere moments after passing the camera, the car shipping truck started to skid violently out of control.

It took out a smaller car on the inside lane before heading across three lanes of traffic and taking out a light fixture.

You can see sparks fly and the Kia vehicles on top of the transporter start to fly off of their moorings.

If you watch closely, you will also see a pedestrian on the right hand side of the screen who was quick enough to get out of the way before the collision.

We can only hope that the interior of the transporter has the same safety features as the Kia cars it was carrying.

Car Shipping Truck Accident

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