How About A Cabrio Version Of The GT4 Stinger Coupe?

Kia’s GT4 Stinger concept was one of the big hits at the Detroit Motor Show, prompting the Koreans to consider a soft-top version.

What that means is that if the incredibly cool 2-door coupe made it to production, designer Peter Schreyer would definitely be willing to consider a convertible model.

Kia has been pretty tight-lipped about what they plan on doing with the GT4 once the show is over in Detroit, with the feeling being that they would wait and see what the reaction was from the critics and the buying public.

The Koreans looked at the success of the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ when creating the GT4 Stinger, but it was the Mazda MX-5 that was the true inspiration.

Kia GT4 Stinger Cabrio Coupe RenderingSchreyer admitted that no work has been done on putting together a soft-top, but did admit that it was pretty easy to visualize how it would look.

He also said that if I did go to production, a soft-top variant would most assuredly be in the mix.

What may come as a surprise to many was that Schreyer and his design team were able to keep the development of the GT4 away from senior management. It wasn’t until the finished car was given a 70’s-style movie-themed unveiling that any of them were made aware of it.

Schreyer said that this is actually quite common, as he and his design team will come up with an idea for a concept and then see how management reacts to the finished piece.

If they like what they see, it may go into production, which Schreyer feels is a real possibility for this model.

From a technical aspect, it certainly is possible, especially when you consider that the GT4 Stinger is built on the Hyundai Genesis rear-wheel drive platform.

That would allow Kia to make a great sports car that is incredibly affordable.

The underpinning of the Stinger is all Genesis, but that is where the comparison ends.

This is a sports car through and through, which is something the design team has always wanted to create. Schreyer feels that it would fit perfectly into the Kia model lineup, giving it some real spice in the process.

What gives the Stinger a real shot at production is giving it the hatchback practicality offered by the likes of the Honda CR-Z. Schreyer believed that doing away with the boot would very much limit the chances of the finished product ever seeing production.

GT4-Stinger-CabrioEven if they had gone with a 2+2 notchback, the small size of the opening would still have made the finished article completely impractical.

All of that said, there would still need to be changes made in order for the GT4 Stinger to become a viable production model.

The oversized wheels, LED headlights, transparent A-pillars, and levered door handles would all need to be tweaked. The A-pillars in particular would pose an issue, but not one that Schreyer believes can’t be overcome with a bit of development.

The production version of the GT4 Stinger could be quickly put together using a number of existing components such as the Genesis platform and the 2.0L turbo engine found on the Kia Optima Turbo.

Schreyer admitted that a green light today would still likely mean another two or three years before the car went into production, but he didn’t really see any major obstacles standing in the way that would stall development of the project. [Image credit: X-Tomi Design]

Kia GT4 Stinger Video

5 thoughts on “How About A Cabrio Version Of The GT4 Stinger Coupe?

  1. Am the owner of three KIAs, an ’03 Sorento, an ’06 Sportage, and an ’11 Koup.

    The GT4 Stinger needs to be built. America is crying for a sports car for the everyman and everywoman.

    The Stinger looks great from bow to stern, from front to rear.

    Also, can’t help but notice some similarities to the Audi A8.

    Would very much like to see a convertible version as well.

    Please KIA, produce the GT4 Stinger.

    Also, could we have a it more about the prototype specs, and ore images of the engine and interior?

  2. must be put into production. it will only augment kia in marketplace and broaden its appeal. NOW IF ONLY THEY HAD UTILITIES AND VANS

  3. Yes to a convertible version. Just please make sure it handles well. I currently own a third gen Miata and have had two others as well as a Honda S2000 so if this car handles as well as those and is as fun to drive then I can see myself buying one. The 4th gen Miata is coming out in 2015 and that is the only car that I can see as any real competition for a convertible version.

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