You Can Now Buy Kias On Ebay.com

The next time you are looking for a great value item or a gift on eBay.com, you may want to look for the classy collection of the top quality, extremely reliable Kia cars.

Kia Motors America revealed recently that they have partnered with eBay Motors to launch a user friendly, online Kia store to target clients that prefer to shop from the comfort of their couch.


At Kia.ebay.com prospective buyers get a complete listing of the entire inventory of participating nationwide Kia dealers; with 345 participants in the first two weeks, the rapidly rising number is encouraging.

Consumers can compare Kia models, select and make an online booking through the Best Offer feature given by eBay Motors.

Citing various research reports, Kia is said to have made the move following a 17 percent increase in overall online auto buyers and a statistic that says almost 4 out of every 5 buyers refer to online auto sources before making their purchase.

Speaking of Kia as “one of the most innovative automobile brands”, Nicolas Franchet, a senior director from eBay Motors, expressed confidence and joy in bringing Kia to their online visitors, a number that stands at a staggering 14 million per month.

In a statement from Kia, their VP of sales sounded very enthusiastic on using the “comprehensive and convenient shopping experience” offered by eBay Motors to boost Kia sales further.

eBay Motors belongs to the eBay family and is the single largest online portal for all automotive needs:

  • new cars
  • pre-owned vehicles
  • parts
  • accessories
  • etc…

With very high traffic at eBay Motors, Kia will further increase its market visibility and awareness.

Basking in the success of an approximately 15 percent increase in sales this year, Kia is sure to capitalize on the online venture and grab a larger client share in the future.

The South Korea based car manufacturer has a network of 725 dealers in the U.S; with an enviable record of 15 successive years of increasing market share, KMA celebrated its highest ever sales quarter in 2010.

The success is driven by the fact that Kia focuses on expert designing and delivers superior styled vehicles; they also continuously incorporate the latest developments in technology in their new releases.

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  1. Speaking of UVO, is there any official information? On kia.com it has in the FAQ section that it will be on the 2011 Sorento in Fall 2010. Which is already past…

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