Should Kia Build The GT4 Stinger Coupe? YES or NO?

Kia has built an incredibly solid reputation of delivering quality, affordable car, but not really anything that would really set the heart racing.

That has all changed with the GT4 Stinger concept coupe that they have on display at the Detroit Motor Show.

This is a car that looks fast even before the engine is revved. It has an aggressive stance and a flared design that make it look as though its ready to blast off the starting line.

The 20-inch wheels complete the spoting look, but the Stinger is a concept that also contains a number of functional elements. That includes brake cooling ducts by the front door that routes cooling air onto the brake rotor venting fins.

Kia GT4 Stinger ProductionThat said, one of the most noticeable design pieces are the vertical headlamps, which would likely have a hard time getting approved for road use.

One thing that is also interesting is the size and scale of the GT Stinger.

The sports car concept is a touch over 170 inches long and has a total weight of around 2,874 pounds.

We say that it’s interesting, because listing such things is not usually something that is done for a concept car that will dispappear after an auto show.

It doesn’t mean that the Stinger will become a production model as is, but it could be a definite glimpse into what Kia has in store for the future.

The Stinger rests on a custom chassis, which is too expensive to be put into production, but the car would fit very nicely on the rear-wheel drive platform currently used by sister company Hyundai on the Genesis Coupe.

Share Your Thoughts About The GT4 Stinger Production!

Let us hear your thoughts about the Stinger GT4! You all seem to like it as a concept car, but should it be brought to production?

11 thoughts on “Should Kia Build The GT4 Stinger Coupe? YES or NO?

  1. Should it be brought to production? Of course it should be!!! I love the concept car and I am pretty sure I would love production version even more! :))

  2. This is an exciting concept. If it can be brought into production without impacting the value and pricing of the other models in their lineup… fine. Otherwise, leave it alone and just accept it for what concept autos do — showcase the art, design, and forward thinking of the company.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! A Korean BRZ and FR-S fighter? Mmmm… yes please! A back to basics sports car. The Asian car battle royale continues! Oh, and keep the 6 speed, thanks.

  4. Yes It most certainly should be put into production. The Genesis Coupe is selling very well and this would sell even more I’m sure.

  5. Of course Kia should build this pup. It’s a winner from head to toe. Just don’t forget the Kia GT 4-dr.sports sedan in fine form, too. Can’t wait ta see that rig come out!

  6. Kia has no choice but to make this car a production reality! Lights will change and it will still look red hot mega nice. It will augment Kia in market place more. Now if only Hyundai and Kia did utilities and Kia some commercial vans………..that would help in Australia!

    This concept looks stunning hot! Don’t know who designing Hyundai’s and Kia’s but gee whiz they nailing some stunning designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Absolutely it should be built. If Kia wants to gain brand recognition then this is the car!

  8. I have developed a high level of brand loyalty to Kia after switching from Ford Focus to the Kia Rio5. I have had two generations of Rios, and now I need to upgrade to a rear wheel drive coupe, but Kia does not offer one =(

    Make this car! Just look how successful the FRS/BRZ is!

    It’s money in the bank for you guys!

  9. Would buy in a heart beat,I’m retired just the car I’ve been looking for. Not all the extras,basic sports car (awsome) with great style and power. Own a 2016 Kia Sorento love it, Would like to see Kia give us a yea or nay, and if yea when. Cant wait for ever, if nay will have to go to 2nd choice.

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