Kia Optima (Hybrid) Spare Tire Kit – 2017

Here’s why you should always have a factory spare tire kit in your 2017 Kia Optima (hybrid) trunk!

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with your vehicle at any given time, many of which you can do little about.

The one problem that is in your control is when you experience a flat tire.

Even if you know nothing about cars, you are probably still able to change a tire, assuming of course that you have a spare donut tire in the trunk.

What is surprising is that so many people don’t think to have a spare in there, but that can easily be rectified by adding a spare tire kit to your car.

The good news for owners of the Kia Optima is that a spare tire kit does not need to be a massive investment, and you can in fact pick one up pretty cheaply from online stores such as the Amazon or Walmart.

Kia Optima spare tire kit


Kia Optima Spare Tire Kit

16-inch or 17-inch: For a touch over $180 you can get a spare tire lit designed for the Optima (2011-2015 model years) that will fit both the 16- and 17-inch variants.

18-inch: If your Optima sits on a set of 18-inch tires, you can also get yourself a kit designed to fit the 18-inch tires.

Optima Hybrid spare tire kit: There’s also a spare tire kit for 2017 Optima hybrid car.

Things to know about the spare tire kit for Kia Optima

This is a genuine Kia accessory, so you don’t have to worry about it somehow not being compatible with your car.

You get the tire, a steel wheel, a handy tool kit, and a hard foam organizer included in the price.

Essentially, everything you need to quickly get your gas-powered Optima or Optima hybrid vehicle back on the road after a flat.

Is it Worth The Money?

This really is a small price to pay when you compare it to how much you would have to pay for a tow truck where required to get you to the tire shop.

It’s always best to play it safe when you drive, and a spare tire kit is one way to do that.

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