Kia, B.R.A.K.E.S. Partner To Offer Best Driving School At No Cost

Safe driving is incredibly important, especially with so many young drivers now taking to the streets.

Kia Motors America and B.R.A.K.E.S. -Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe have partnered to develop the Teen Pro Active Driving Course, where 150 kids aged 15 1/2 to 19 received advanced training in real-world scenarios.

Kia delivered a fleet of brand-new Rio sedan to help the cause, with the goal of the course being to show teenagers how safe driving can help prevent injuries and accidents, whilst also potentially saving lives.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, KMA, said that the partnership with B.R.A.K.E.S. was put together as part of the company’s commitment to giving back to the community.

He went on to say that teaching responsible driving to teenagers that had just received their license was an essential part of making sure that the roads were safe for everyone.

The school ensures results by offering 4 hours of training, combined with an extremely low student-teacher ratio, so that personal attention in assured.

There are a number of different defensive driving techniques taught in the sessions, as well as teenagers being made aware of the distracted driving, which include texting.

The parents of the teenagers are also invited to participate, so that they can enforce the lessons taught once the teenagers complete the course.

Doug Herbert, B.R.A.K.E.S. founder, revealed that more than 5,000 teenagers across the country die in traffic accidents each year. He also said that support from companies like Kia was essential in ensuring that those numbers are reduced through advanced training.

Lessons included in the driver training courses

Accident Avoidance/Slalom:  This is a two-part training course that simulates an animal or object jumping into the path of the vehicle.

The students need to learn to make quick decisions to evade the object, while remaining in control of the car. Students must also navigate their vehicle through a series of cones, with their focus trained on weight transfer, hand positioning and eye scanning.

Car Control and Recovery:  Students learn how to over-steer (rear wheel) and under-steer (front wheel) while in a skid. These tests are run on skid-pads that simulate a wet road surface.

Distracted Driving: 2009 figures showed that more than 5,400 were killed and 448,000 injured in crashes that were caused by a distracted driver. This part of the course is intended to show the dangers that cell phones and other distractions can pose.

Panic Stop:  It takes a good level of driving experience to understand safe following distances. The panic stop course is designed to teach students how to quickly and safely bring the car to a quick stop.

The teenagers learn how ABS brakes work and how the system will prevent the wheels from locking by pulsating brake pressure.

Drop Wheel/Off Road Recovery:  This part of the course shows the students how to regain control of the car and get it back on the road in a drop-wheel scenario.

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