Let’s Ask Kia Fans To Vote For The New Sorento

It seems as though there are countless awards handed out in the car industry each year, and it can all become a little confusing as you try to figure out who it is that is doing the voting.

When you feel good about a particular brand or vehicle, you are probably left wondering why it wasn’t given the consideration that you believe it deserves.

You have your chance to have your voice be heard now, and you can do it by speaking up at the What Car? Awards, which are held annually in January.

The one section where we think you should lend you voice is in the “Most Eagerly Anticipated” category, with the all-new 2016 Kia Sorento, the vehicle that we believe should get the nod.

SUV 2015Vote here:http://www.wcreaderaward.com/

This is a crossover vehicle that we are all really excited about, and which we think will set the bar to all new levels in the crossover segment.

The 2016 Sorento model was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, and it became an instant crowd favorite for a number of reasons.

The exterior has been given an upgrade that gives the Sorento a truly premium feel.

The model has been given major enhancements across the board, from the use of soft-touch materials on the inside, to the newly designed center stack that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

There is every reason to be excited about the all-new 2016 Sorento, which is why we think you should let the folks at What Car? know all about it.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Ask Kia Fans To Vote For The New Sorento

  1. Iam not a KIA fan for the sake of it………..Iam a fan for design and style = so automatically am attracted to Hyundai and Kia as nice designs that break the mould of boringly utterly bland same same

  2. I think they should offer the 2 row seat arrangement, and also the 3 row like the Santa Fe. Seems like most people are buying the smaller 2 row vehicle. Kia might get crossed off many people’s lists by limiting their choices to just a larger 3 row.

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