April 2011 Kia sales up 56 percent

Kia Sorento and Soul crossover help Kia Motors America to increase its April 2011 sales by 56,7 percent!

Kia Motors America announced its April 2011 sales soared 56,7 percent thanks to increased demand for its fuel-efficient compact cars and crossover vehicles. By the numbers, Kia sold 47.074 new vehicles last month, up from 30.036 a year earlier.

The 2011 Kia Sorento and Soul crossover vehicle were top performing vehicles in the automker’s US line-up with sales of 12.001 and 10.459 units, respectively. Kia Soul sales eclipsed the 10.000 unit mark for the second consecutive month, while Sorento crossover remained the best selling Kia vehicle in the United States.

The Forte family fared particularly well last month, posting an increase of 46 percent and its best sales performance this year (8.535 units sold).

The 2011 Kia Optima mid-size sedan was the fourth best-selling nameplate in Kia’s updated lineup, tallying 6.533 units sold to record its best month since its launch. Building on the success of the Optima sedan, Kia recently revealed the addition of 2012 Optima production at KMMG in Georgia.

Sales of highly-attractive Sportage crossover more than doubled from a year ago. Kia sold 4.738 units of 2011 Sportage crossovers.

“Demand for new Optima mid-size sedan has outpaced supply since its launch last year and with gas prices continuing to rise, the upcoming launch of our first-ever hybrid vehicle and new fuel-efficient 2012 Kia Rio compact couldn’t be coming at a better time,” commented Byung Mo Ahn, president and CEO of Kia Motors America and Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia.

April 2011 Kia sales by model:

2011 kia sales april April 2011 Kia sales up 56 percent sales

13 thoughts on “April 2011 Kia sales up 56 percent

  1. I think the Rio is going to break the 10,000 unit mark. Introducing that stop n’ go on a B segment car is perfect timing. The brand has hardly been selling 40,000 units and they are near the 50,000 unit mark. Who would have known Kia would sell these many cars a month compared to when Kia sold 500 1994 Kia in one year? Who would have known that when the 1st generation Scion XB arrived, a Kia would rival that and outsell it? Who would have known that when the 2001 Rio arrived, it would be a real threat to B segment rivals? Who would have known that the 01′ Rio would one day be NYAS’s best unveiled cars for 11′? Who would have known that when the 2001 Kia Sedona debuted 10 years later we would be seeing a RWD Kia to rival Audi and BMW spied? Who would have known that when the 2003 Kia Sorento was criticized for looking like the MDX, RX and M class (ignoring 15 to 20 other CUVs with slanted C pillars too),the Sorento would outsell them making top ten best selling utility vehicles in the States? Who would have known that the 2001 Sportage and 2002 Optima would one day cause Kia to find out a way to increase supply because people want one so bad that it is a shortage? Who would have known that when the 1996 Kia Sportage arrived 11 years later it would come back in concept form with an AWD V8 with 400 hp becoming the first styled Kia called the KUE? Who would have known that when the KCV 3 arrived the next Kia coupe concept would be the design language for Kia’s new line up? Who would have known that when HKAG tested hybrids using the 1st generation Sante Fe, the Sonata and Optima hybrid would be the first hybrids as well as stylish causing one model to receive the Red Dot Design Award? From the Pop, Ray to the Optima and Sportage.Who would have known all this would happen after the 1990 Kia Pride, Kia Enterprise, Retona Cruiser, 1st generation Carens, Shuma, Sportage and 1994 Kia Sephia? Who would have known?

  2. if kia continues increasing its quality and technology, it will be at same level with vw

  3. and don’t forget Kia Canada:

    Kia Canada Inc. reports best-ever month exceeding 6000 vehicles sold for the first time in its eleven year history while continuing industry-best sales streak to 28 months.

    Best month on record with 6777 total sales reported and a 34 per cent increase versus 2010
    Record sales continue including a 28 per cent year-to-date increase versus 2010
    All Kia Canada Regions in Canada experience record April
    Industry-best sales streak continues at 28 months

    the top 3 best selling models in Canada: Forte, Sorento and Soul

  4. Also, the Soul actually is top ten best selling CUVs in the states making it number 7. You know what that means? I’ll tell you what that means it means the Ford Edge didn’t make top ten. But since the Soul is Korean they are going to act like it’s not a CUV…… but if the Cube or XB ever sold 10,000 units, it would be on that list.

  5. I think nobody else will buy a kia sportage in italy cause we got to wait at least 6 months or 12 to get it !
    Is it possible in a big corporation like kia/hyundai ?
    Customers are not stupid, after a good beginning there re many blogs with angry ppl discussing about it.
    I do want my Sportageeeeee !!

    (at least before oil finish in this earth…)


  6. Damn, you’re right Gabriel.
    I know a guy that allready waited 6 months on his sportage and nobody could tell him a shipping date for another 6 months, so he is sadly turning backs on kia now, cause of that. :-( …and never wants to buy another again.

  7. Sweet for the Optima I’m disappointed that the Suzuki is ranked higher than the Kia even though the Optima wouldn’t be afraid to challenge that Suzuki. So come on Suzuki bring it on. I also hear that Mazda is going to kill the Mazda 6. How stupid. that leaves more market share for the Subaru Legacy and is still outselling Mazda. I also hear that Mr. Shcyrer is planning on reviving the KIA KCV-3 concept as the roadster. Interesting. Why would he want to use that design as Kia’s flagship coupe? It’s ugly as heck and aged. How on earth would that design tackle the Nissan Z? The Nissan has a design that a man wants to drive. That Kia KVC-3 is a women’s ride like the Solara. And if they are going to still bring the Optima coupe into production it better be as aggressive as the Forte Koup something of a mean masculine design nothing girly like the Altima coupe. I’m for coupes but I hate girly coupes. Kia doesn’t need them. Still why pick the KVC-3 design over the Ray or Kee concepts?

  8. Just a quick FYI to Optima (and Optima Hopeful) owners… these numbers are sad for such a great car but dont tell the whole story:

    Kia Optima Sales APRIL 2011 – 6,533
    Kia Optima Sales 2011 YTD -22,087
    Hyundai Sonata Sales APRIL 2011 – 21,738
    Hyundai Sonata Sales YTD – 73,616

    No offense, but it doesn’t matter how good Kia’s are, their Salesmen have to get on the ball and move their cars.

    I researched my cars these past few months to purchase a new one and was greatly disappointed by Kia. I am now a 2011 Sonata turbo owner after having 2 HORRIBLE experiences at Kia dealerships over the Kia Optima.. one dealership went so far as to tell me the Optima was new and running the miles on a test drive would bring its value down..so they declined even a TEST DRIVE!!! Less than a week later I ended up in a brand new Sonata Turbo for payments close to 35% less than the Kia dealer did, and they let me test drive a few of their models to get the right one for me. It was very sad, considering the Hyundai counterpart had a higher MSRP for the same upgrades I chose, per the kia website.

    Maybe if their staff was trained on how to properly sell their new vehicles, more would leave the lot. I see alot of vehicles in Florida that alot of people talk about not having in their area..but if a dealer wants to sell you a car, they will pull inventory from wherever they have to in order to make it – in the end, Kia wins with the sale.

    See you in 2014… I hope by then their salesmen have their act together…

  9. KIa also has to start DEMANDING that all Kia Franchise Stores upgrade their facilities and showrooms. Here in Palm Beach County FL, West Palm Kia is running a New Car Dealership in a Used Car Buy Here/Pay Here Lot! Either make them put up new Showrooms and Dealerships like Hyundai has required or pull their Franchise!

  10. I just drove by West Palm Kia yesterday and noticed that its located next door and across the street from 2 “Sled Lots”! You know, Buy Here..Pay Here used car dealers. Has nobody from Kia Corporate ever visited this New Car Franchise and said WTF? What kind of image is Kia attempting to project when it allows its Franchises to sell its vehicles out of a Shed? I know they will say, low overhead means lower out the door prices but they still tag you for huge Dealer Fee`s! Time to move to or build a new Complex!

  11. All I know is that we had to go to four dealers to find the Optima we wanted (loaded EX in white) – the dealer is 20 miles from our house – other closer dealers complained that they could not get inventory fast enough and offered to find one and bring it from another dealer, but we needed to see it in person. The salesman did a nice job and understood that we had done our research and knew as much about the car as we needed to know, and let us test drive it without him in the car. That’s a real plus and more salespeople need to do that. So yes, there is a shortage of 2011 Kia Optimas but it is worth the effort to hunt one down.

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