All New Kia Sorento Review

The previous model of the Kia Sorento received strong reviews for its reliability and comfort.

Yahoo! Auto, for example, shows very good reviews from consumers for fields like appearance, comfort and value.

The all new 2014 Kia Sorento model, therefore, has strong foundations on which to build and evolve.

Indeed, this new model of the Sorento keeps all of what worked in the previous incarnation while adding some new welcome additions that directly address performance and aesthetic appeal.

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Kia themselves claim that their overriding ethos when designing the new Kia Sorento 2014 was to make it a better crossover than before, and as much as 80 percent of the new Sorento’s parts have been remodelled from the previous version, meaning that an upgrade really will bring value for money.

First things first, the main improvements to the 2014 Sorento are those that make it a better crossover vehicle than before and which may well encourage you to sell your car to upgrade: a new 3,3L GDI V6 engine (with 290 horsepower), for select models, is the cherry on the cake on top of a host of body and mechanical improvements.

And even those consumers who wish to remain with the previous model’s 2,4L GDI four-cylinder engine will find themselves with 191 horsepower under the bonnet, which outputs plenty of power given the lightweight aluminium casing.

Safety and price are two other strong considerations in the new Sorento: in terms of safety and its link to stability, for example, the benefit of Torque Vectoring Cornering Control (TVCC) in the new Sorento aids stability under certain driving conditions.

Furthermore, advanced sensors in the new Sorento offer a blind-spot detection system, which monitors surrounding traffic and alerts the driver – through a combination of audio and visual signals – if anything or anyone in the vicinity could compromise ride safety.

And in terms of price, given the appealing mix of high-end features and performance, the new Sorento remains exceedingly good value for money, especially when sold with the leading Kia warranty.

Fuel economy was rated highly on the previous Sorento model, although testing on the new model has suggested that the V6 engine may bring enhanced performance at the expense of fuel efficiency.

Nonetheless, on balance these factors – a strong V6, stylish aesthetics, added cabin functionality and luxury, high safety standards – may be enough to encourage you to sell your car and enjoy the benefits of Kia’s latest endeavour.

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