All-new 2011 Kia Cerato five-door hatchback joins the carmaker’s range

The all-new 2011 Kia Cerato five-door hatchback ads enhanced practicality to the Cerato/Forte range.

Kia Cerato range has recently been expanded by a brand-new five-door model, the Cerato hatchback. Known also as Kia Forte 5-door in the USA, the new model joins Kia Forte range as the third model after the four-door Forte sedan and popular Forte Koup model.

The 2011 Kia Cerato will be marketed in the USA and other international markets, such as South Korea, Middle East and China. As we also learned, Kia will not put it on sale in Europe where it has achieved a tremendous success with its cee’d hatchback. For the past couple of years, the cee’d has been the best-selling Kia car in Europe.

Kia says the all-new Cerato five-door hatchabck should appeal to younger buyers and consumers with young families looking for stylish and practical compact cars.

The all-new Cerato does not only bring a new body-style to the Forte/Cerato range, but also introduces several styling and refinement improvements. In addition, the model also boasts some important technical improvements, which will all be also featured on the up-coming 2011 Forte Koup and Forte sedan models!

The 2011 Forte hatchback will be available with Kia’s 2.0L Theta II engine, which packs 156 horsepower and propels the vehicle from 0-100 km/h in 9.1 seconds. The smaller, 1.6L four-cylinder engine with estimated power output of 124 horsepower, will also be available in some international markets and mos likely, not in the USA or Canada.

Another important technical upgrade for the Cerato/Forte 2011 model year is the new six-speed automatic transmission. The six-speed unit is equipped with a gate-type shift pattern and offers the driver fully automatic or Sport modes. According to Kia, steering wheel paddle shifters will also be available in the 2011 Forte/Cerato.

US sales of the 2011 Kia Forte five-door hatchback is scheduled to commence later this month, according to Kia Motors America.

10 thoughts on “All-new 2011 Kia Cerato five-door hatchback joins the carmaker’s range

  1. Canada gets the 2.0L in the LX and EX, 2.4L in the SX with 6 speed manual and 6 speed auto; paddle shifter in the SX auto; also available navigation and push button start in the SX Luxury model.
    I have full specs on the Canadian model of the 5-door Forte and my dealer is expecting a few in 3-4 weeks.

  2. Kia should start to make cars for Worldwide and with the same name and model not like it is in the present times where different cuntrys make different models and names . Ex like Ford focus mrk 3 & fiesta are selling World wide bearing the same name & Model . Darren Cassar.

  3. How Much guys? That’s very important.

    Darren HKAG doesnt follow the 1 world Strategy. They cater cars to markets. When Ford Catered to Markets, it would cheapen it’s cars for everywhere in the world expect for Europe. I think HKAG has learned not to repeat that mistake. The Verna and Solaris are made cost effective for China and Russia, but they didnt skimp on materials like the Old FoMoCo would.

    FoMoCo was really bad about it too.

    One World is a bad idea because the car will be patterned off the most premium market-Europe, and would be prohibitively expensive for some in what only a generation before was a cheap or relatively cheap car. The Ford Fiesta is a $14K car with Roll Down windows. If we did such a thing we would be out of business.

  4. Darren- another reason they don’t use the same name in all markets is name patents (or whatever it’s called). GM had the name Optima in some countries, so they use Magentis there. Or in the USA they didn’t want people to think of the Forte as the next gen Spectra, so they changed it, though they kept Cerato in other countries. That care has changed names twice in less than 20 years (Sephia, Spectra, Forte) and is possibly changing again in 2013. I think cee’d is weird but different, and I like it. Especially with pro_cee’d being a variation, to show the vehicle is a variation of that platform. But KMA won’t bring it over. Or Hyundai won’t let them (though Hyundai gets the Elantra Touring, the i30 in the USA).

    As for this Forte 5 or whatever it’s called in each market, I think they should have changed the headlights. The same appearance on the 3 vehicles makes them all the look the same at night from the front (unless they have the front fog lights on). They all 3 will have different tail lights, so why not a noticeable change in the headlights as well?

  5. Kia Motors America is pleased to announce pricing for the 2011MY Forte. For the 2011MY, the
    Forte receives a revised powertrain, revised interior styling along with new features and content
    that delivers best-in-class fuel economy and enhances the outstanding value that you and your
    customers expect from Kia.
    An all-new six-speed automatic transmission delivers up to 38 MPG – a 2 MPG improvement
    on all models. Ride and handling have been improved by the addition of new monotube
    shock absorbers while NVH has been noticeably reduced due to a number of
    countermeasures. All models now feature new interior styling and solar glass for a more
    comfortable environment. For the EX model, we’ve added an outside temperature gauge, trip
    computer and illuminated sun visors.
    The LX model is easier to order and stock due to the convenience package (a $1500 option
    for 2010MY) now being standard equipment while the value is enhanced by only increasing
    the MSRP by $1,300. The EX model MSRP has been increased by $400 – well below the
    market value of the improvements.
    SX models will now feature paddle shifters on all A/T models, automatic headlamps on the
    sedans and LED taillights on Koup models for an increase of $700. We have also added a
    new technology package that includes voice-activated navigation, push-button start and
    fully automatic air conditioning value priced at $1,800.
    A 5-door body style is now offered on EX and SX trims. The price premium over a
    comparable 4-door sedan is $500 which includes standard 16” alloys, a rear spoiler, a cargo
    cover and a rear wiper/washer. Your customers will love the 5-door styling and cargo
    flexibility. To minimize product complexity due to the addition of the 5-door and technology
    packages, we have made A/T standard on EX/SX 4-door sedans and have dropped the EX
    leather package.
    With its new powertrain, the 2011MY Forte delivers more power and better MPG than
    competitors while its new features and pricing further enhances its value advantage.

  6. today was the official launch of the 5-door Forte in Canada, however, many have already arrived at dealers. Canadian models come in LX, EX, SX in both 6 spd manual and 6 spd auto.

  7. I had bought a kia forte 1.6 EX in January 2010 in Seremban Negeri Sembilan Malaysia. My forte had a problem with the head lamps
    The Head lamps/Lights both will get misty after a rain / wet (while the engine is hot). The mist will sustain in these lamps for some time. I had brought these problems thrice to the service center in Seremban Malaysia and also Kuala Lumpur. The Service center in Seremban had change once both the head lights/lamps. But till today the problems still arise with the mist appear after rain/wet. The service center in Seremban, Malaysia told me that it is normal and they can’t replace or service for it again.
    I hope the Kia Head Quarter in Korea can solve these problems as few of my friends’ Forte have the same problems.
    As one of my engineer friend has told me that it might be due to the thickness of the lights/lamps which are thin and cause misty in wet condition while the engine is hot.
    Kindly enlighten and solve me and my friends’ problems from Malaysia on the matter.

    Hope to hear from Kia Korea Head Quarter.

    Thank You.


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