A new name in game!

We have already seen some spy shots and interior teaser pictures from Kia, so we can imagine how Kia’s first full size SUV will look like.

But one thing we were missing and were not convinced about, is the name of it. Not anymore!

There has been a lot of guesswork done about the name in last few months. First, Kia released a truck concept named Mesa at NAIAS last year, so everybody thought this is the name for production vehicle.

Right after that we heard about Offenbach, which sounds very German by the way.

But at the end, Kiaworld blog found out, that the SUV name will probably be Mojave!

On the 1st of August, Kia trademarked two names for U.S. market; Mojave and Mohave. Names were chosen for a SUV vehicle.

So we can assume that at least in US market, Kia’s full size SUV is going to be named Mojave.


Mojave sounds familiar doesn’t it?! Well, everyone knows Mojave desert in USA that covers about 125,000 square kilometers of southern Nevada, western Arizona, southwestern Utah, and southeastern California. But do you know that Mojave is also a name for Kia’s pick-up truck concept car from 2004?

We will write a story about that later today, just to remember you how Kia’s cool concept car looked like!

You can see Kia Mojave truck teaser picture and additional information here: Teaser shot (click here)

6 thoughts on “A new name in game!

  1. OMG! I just found out that the KCV-4 (A.K.A”Mojave”) will be coming to the United States as early as next year!!! This is a piece of information that Kia does not really want anyone to know. It is supposed to show up at dealerships without any public notice. I am serious! I have inside information from the Kia dealership in Traverse City, Michigan, that they have recieved forms with the option to have Kia send a few trucks to their dealership sometime next year! This is such exciting news, I can’t stand to keep it a secret! BRAVO KIA!

  2. KCV-4 name stands for a Mojave pick-up truck concept, which was unveiled in 2004 and is not coming to the market at all! Atleast not in the next two or three years! Kia did not decide to develope KCV-4 further so it is really only staying as an attractive concept car.
    But there is a good chance and most possible that it’s name will be carried on to another Kia model, codenamed HM. Which is a large SUV and will be released early next year. So this could be the vehicle you have heard about from your dealership.

  3. Nope, just checked back with the dealership, they are 100% sure of the pickup truck. Dont believe me? Check with any U.S. Kia dealer.

  4. It’s not that I wouldn’t believe you, it’s just I didn’t get any informations about it at all! There has been a lot of talk about pick-up truck and many US dealers want it to be in Kia’s line-up as soon as possible. But as far as I know pick-up plans are postponed for some years at Hyundai-Kia group. I you are right, we will see soon!

  5. My Kia dealership has a poster on the wall with a picture of the Mojave pick-up on it.

  6. The dealership in Traverse City Michigan has a poster of every different Kia vehicle sold around the world on it. BTW, ‘himi’ where are you located? United States or elsewhere? JW.

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