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The North American International Auto Show starts next week, and Kia will be there with a fully redesigned version of their popular Forte 4-door sedan. The good news is that you don’t need to wait...

Kia Stinger in a crash

Before a new vehicle is officially released, there is usually a mad scramble to get some pics that might give us a hint of what to expect. PoPVille, a blog devoted to a neighborhood in...


Dyson Working On All-Electric Car, Coming To The Market In 2020

Dyson are a UK-based company best known for making high-end vacuum cleaners, but it has long been rumored that they are going to enter the electric car market. That rumor has now been confirmed, as Dyson are expected to have an EV model on the market by 2020. The upcoming all electric...

2 Comments | Posted September 29th

Must-Watch Video Review Of Kia Stinger GT (RWD)

Kia have developed a reputation of building great looking vehicles that are packed with standard features, yet affordable for just about everyone. The one thing that has been missing from the Kia line-up is a sporty model that will appeal to consumers with a need for speed. That hole has now been...

2 Comments | Posted September 27th

2018 Kia Rio Sedan & Hatchback Pricing Announced

The fully-redesigned Kia Rio 4-door sedan and Rio 5-door hatchback models are coming to your local dealers in October, and Kia USA have now announced the pricing for the new models. The 2018 Rio is one of the best value subcompact cars on the market. This is a sub-compact Kia car which...

0 Comment | Posted September 25th

Car MOT Status Check – What Is It?

Buying a used Kia vehicle in the UK? MOT test could prove beneficial! Buying a used car is always a bit of a risk, especially for young drivers. The Kia is one of the most popular first cars young drivers opt for due to its fun design, fuel economy and affordability. However, it’s...

0 Comment | Posted September 20th

Should Kia Buyers In UK Lease New Cars Or Not?

UK leasing market hots up, so check what Kia has to offer! As recently as ten years ago, car leasing was something aimed at companies that wanted to procure new cars or vans in a hassle-free way for staff members to drive, either as part of their day to day work,...

0 Comment | Posted September 19th

Kia Proceed Concept To Debut In Frankfurt

Kia has a new concept car coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, and they have now released some official pictures of the model. The amazing looking concept was conceived at Kia’s European design center, and the feeling is that it may be a preview of what the next-generation...

16 Comments | Posted September 7th

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