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The North American International Auto Show starts next week, and Kia will be there with a fully redesigned version of their popular Forte 4-door sedan. The good news is that you don’t need to wait...

Kia Stinger in a crash

Before a new vehicle is officially released, there is usually a mad scramble to get some pics that might give us a hint of what to expect. PoPVille, a blog devoted to a neighborhood in...


2018 Kia Stinger Comes With Head Up Display (Q&A)

The all-new Kia Stinger has been talked about a lot on these page over the past few months, but now that the vehicle has finally arrived in dealerships, there are a lot more details we can share. A pair of engines and drivetrains are available with the Stinger sports sedan. Choose...

2 Comments | Posted November 1st

2018 Kia Niro Graphite Edition Launched In U.S.

The hybrid car market is booming, but there are still some consumers who need a little nudge in that direction. Kia have released a limited edition version of the Niro hybrid crossover that is surely going to be one that makes people sit up and take notice. The model in question is...

1 Comment | Posted October 25th

2018 Kia Niro Release Date, Colors, Changes & News

Latest news and rumors about the 2018 Kia Niro hybrid (release date, new color options, plug-in model launch, possible AWD)! Kia Niro crossover vehicle has set the world on fire and has sure shaken up the hybrid car segment! The vehicle has been first launched to the market late last year and...

17 Comments | Posted October 5th

Top-Selling Kia Models In September 2017

Kia Motors America are used to sales success, and while the numbers in 2017 have been good, they have been a bit off the pace when compared to 2016. As 2017 draws to close, though, there are signs that Kia may be ready to finish with a little bit of a...

0 Comment | Posted October 5th

Facts to know about the New Kia Sportage SUV

In North America, there is no automotive segment growing faster than the compact crossover. That is perhaps why Kia has gone to great lengths to deliver a stunning redesign of the Sportage compact SUV. Inside and out, every detail of the new model has been given the upgraded treatment. The end result is...

0 Comment | Posted October 1st

Rumor: Kia Stinger Pricing Revealed In Info Leak

If you regularly follow our blog, you will already know how excited we are about the speediest car in the Kia line-up. Yesterday, we put together a piece talking about the rave reviews that the new model is receiving, and now it's time to talk about how much you can expect to...

1 Comment | Posted September 29th

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