5 News Articles That Gained The Most Attention In April 2014

1. The big news in the Kia world during the month of April had to be the official unveiling of the 2015 Sedona minivan, which looks to be another major design hit for the Koreans.

The all-new Sedona minivan marks the final vehicle in the Kia line-up to receive a refresh under designer Peter Schreyer, and it was definitely one worth waiting for.

The large MPV, as Schreyer describes it, has a definite crossover vibe, as well as some very apparent European influences.

Time will only tell if this stunning new vehicle can breathe some life back into a category that has been on life support for quite some time now. We are betting it can!!

2. The Beijing Auto Show was also held during the month of April.

New K4While Kia had a lot going on at the show, everyone was buzzing about their K4 concept car.

A ton of cabin space and a laundry list of amenities were just the start of what makes this car so good, but it may well have been the design that really got visitors to the show talking.

The oversized grille at the front of the car gives it a presence that some may describe as menacing, especially when it is viewed through the rearview mirror.

As Kia often does with their concept vehicles, the K4 will become a production model, starting later this year.

3. We already know just how popular the second generation Kia Soul is on this side of the pond, and it now looks set to take the UK by storm, too.

Green Kia Soul UKUK consumers will now finally get to see all the changes made to the boxy little compact that people just love.

What may come as a surprise to the residents of the UK is that all of the enhancements made to the new model will not come at a hefty price, as the starting MSRP ranges from £12,600 to £21,550, depending on which of the five trim levels is chosen.

4. The success of the Kia Soul is no longer a surprise to anyone that knows anything about the automotive industry, but the boxy crossover just keeps on delivering the goods for the Koreans.

Kia-Future-CarsWe have spoken in great length about the upcoming all-electric version of the car, known as the Soul EV.

The buzz surrounding this new entry into the Soul family is big, but perhaps not as big as it is in the vehicle’s native land.

Jeju Island has already announced that they plan on being carbon free by 2030, and after being presented with all the electric car options, the residents have decided that the Soul EV is the car that they would most like to drive in order to help make that happen.

5. The latest entry into our Kia owner’s interview series took us to Chandler, AZ, where Nikki told us all about her love for her Kia Soul.

Kia Soul Hamster OwnerWhen she isn’t spending time as a moderator on the Soulhamsters.com forum, Nikki pampers her Soul, which she refers to as Little Devil, with upgrades and mods.

Her goal is to create a car that is truly unique to her style, as well as being one that gets noticed on the street.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Kia Motors Corporation!

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  1. screw the mini vans and electric cars… YOU guys need to come out with the soulster!!!!!

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