2,0L CRDI diesel engine upgraded with K&N filter and ECU

Just recently I came across a dyno graph that shows performance statistics for the 2,0L CRDI diesel engine equipped with K&N filter and ECU (engine control unit) upgrade.

With such an upgrade, Kia’s most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine gains a lot in terms of power and torque. After the upgrade, horsepower rating for the engine jumped from 143hp to a respectable 190hp, while it’s torque increased to 316lbs/ft!!

Performance figures can bee seen on the graph which shows comparison in engine’s power from before and after it’s upgrade. As I already mentioned, the upgrade includes a K&N air filter and ECU upgrade.

The ECU (engine control unit) comes from UK based TunIt company specialized to provide efficient and adaptable methods of enhancing vehicles performance (power and torque) without the need to alter the vehicle’s original equipment or programming.


This engine was, reportedly, installed to the Pro_cee’d and the package has resulted in some excellent performance. The figures for the engine look impressive, but what is more astounding is it’s drivability. Lots of torque is available from very low down, making it a very drivable and quick car.

I could not find any information for the 0-100 km/h run, but those who got behind the wheel of the upgraded pro_cee’d, state the car is very quick through gears and certainly, anyone would be more than happy with it’s performance.



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29 thoughts on “2,0L CRDI diesel engine upgraded with K&N filter and ECU

  1. Now you mentioned Optima, it came to my mind that the same car, but rebadged to Magentis for European market, comes available with the same 2,0L diesel engine. So yes, the upgrade to Optima/Magentis diesel engine is possible as well.

  2. Nice torque topping there with the ECU upgrade and K&M treatment. The pro_cee’d would really hop then!

  3. isnt that pretty much what they did with those cee’d safety cars??? also good to see my old cee’d photoshop being used!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Just to clarify Patricks comment,
    The Safety Car and Medical Car were both equipped with 1.6-litre CRDi engines fitted with upgraded K&N filters (the same unit will fit both 1.6 and 2.0-litre engines) and upgraded ECUs from TunIt. We hear that the circuit cars have been ultra reliable, no running or reliability issues and slightly better fuel consumption results.

    This graph looks good. Time to modify my engine!

  5. that graph looks awful. both power and torque lines shows there are overboost – torque @ 2200 the car goes pffff….. and power goes up after goes pfff ๐Ÿ˜€ thats a fake or joke graph, or that kia got problems or ….

  6. Torque is off-the-line power, and once to speed it is not needed. Plus, when the car shifts, it drops back down. So, past 2,200 RPM, torque is not really needed. Especially in a diesel!

  7. Well mm,
    The way I read it the torque get the launch sorted and then the power kicks in. Don’t forget, the 2.0-litre CRDi is a six-speed so changing at 3700/3800 rpm will get you back into the torque again.

    Looks ok to me!

  8. is there anyone of you who says its OK, do understand all these lines and chip tuning in common??? all graph is very very hetchy. this aint a good one absolutely!

  9. 2 Greg – indeed , you are right…. NOT diesel engine without torque are ZERO. as soon torque goes down there no such a power feel in diesel car. comparing with petrol engines where both torque and power goes all the way up

  10. im not an expert, i have a good friend who is a profesional chiptuner, i ve seen loads of chip tuned cars etc. so we looked both at this graph and its clear to us – trust me, he DO able to read the lines.
    btw – K&N filter – dont gives any xtra power in crdi engines, and more than that it can cause an turbos damage…..

    so once again – in petrol cars more rpms u give , more torque, more horse powers and it gives u – speed accelaration etc.

    diesel engines – they are good for their ability to keep high torque level from low rpms for a quite a long term e.g. 1750rpm-2500 or 2700rpm while accelerate, so that gives u increasing in horse powers and speed.

    in this case i see (we see) overboost – turbo blows 316lb/ft (someone pls expalain whats that, how much this is in nM?? ) till 2250rpms then its overboost, and turbo going to turbo lag mode…. then something again like an 2nd breathe (poor breathe) from 2800rpm till 3200rpms and again its dies…. ๐Ÿ˜€ so that aint give u extra powerful feel…..

    now i think you can argue me.

  11. mm,
    Of course the filter does give more power on a CRDi – but not much. It’s main job is to reduce drag through the air inlet side of the engine, thus helping the turbo spool up quicker between gears. It’s like having a dump valve on the other side of the turbo to stop it stalling – a DV doesn’t give more power, it just helps keep the turbo spinning.

    316 lb/ft is 428.4 in Nm

    We could argue about the curves all day and night but unless you’ve driven the car, you will not understand it’s performance. Compared to standard, this converstion is a very entertaining car to drive, I hear.

    Sorry for my Lithuanian, I’m a German guy.

  12. DOnt worrry. your english is fine. this conversion is from an online torque rating conversion site.
    360 lb/ft (pound foot) = 488.094 462 72 Nm (newton meter)

  13. thanks! pfff exactly what ive been calculated. its * 1.36 to get nM from LB. impressive! 488nM…… quite enough to put clutch near death line ๐Ÿ˜€

    well you said yourself – hear. now you trying to argue me without having a ride by urself :) ok. let it be entertaining drive.

  14. wow! antil it was in Nm, I didnt notice how significant the torque is. its more than Mohave!

  15. i can imagine how the wheels slips while accelerate…… 488 thats more torque than Audi A8 4.2ltr quattro has……

  16. no 4.2 petrol engine. nowdays diesel engines whatever audi or kia has bigger torque than petrol engines with equal cc ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. That’s good!!! It’s very beatiful your “new” proceed!!

    because when we change something in our car, we have an other car, different, more personal.

    In december I bought my first car and I decided to buy a Kia Proceed 1.6 CRDI and I am very happy with him.

    Here, In Spain, concretly in Barcelona where I live, I don’t see a lot of proceed, we see more 4×4 from KIA.

    Finally, I like it a lot your car!!

    Bye bye!!

  18. @MM: Actually you are wro,g (and I’m not only talking ’bout your vision on diesel engines ;-).
    316 Lbs of torque is not 488 Nm but 428 Nm, which is still impressive!
    the *1.36 trick is to go from kW to PS (or DIN HP). Click my name for the link to a handy converter.

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