2018 Kia GT Spied For The First Time (UPDATE)

The long-awaited production version of the Kia GT sports sedan concept has finally hit the ground!

Those of you who remember the Kia GT concept from back in 2011 will likely also remember the talk of a potential production model.

That new model is now in the testing phase, with Kia eyeing a 2018 model year entry.

The production model is obviously not as stylized as the concept, but images shared at Motorgraph.com show a GT that is set to invade the coupe-style 4-door market in a big way.

Update: Kia GT rendering

GT KiaEven though the GT spy pictures below show the car in camouflage, there are still some cool things to be seen, such as the quad exhaust tips, and intricate styling of the C-pillars, not to mention the chrome finish on the front grille.

The platform that the 2018 Kia GT will ride on is the same as the 2018 Genesis G70 compact sedan.

That means you can expect an RWD model powered by a 3.3-liter turbo V8 that cranks out 389 horsepower.

As far as the transmission goes, it is likely to be the same 8-speed automatic found in the 2017 Genesis G90 sedan.

There is also talk that a hybrid model could be delivered that features an electric motor and a 4-cylinder engine.

Rumor is that Kia will unveil the GT at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, while production will commence in early 2017.

We can expect to see pricing closer to the actual release date, but it’s already fair to assume that Kia will deliver the GT at a price that seriously undercuts their German rivals

2018 Kia GT spy pics

2018-kia-gt    Kia-GT-Sedan

Update: Serial mass production is confirmed to commence in May next year…

Photo sources: bobaedream.co.kr, Motorgraph via Brenthon

11 thoughts on “2018 Kia GT Spied For The First Time (UPDATE)

  1. I can’t freaking believe a Kia RWD sports sedan. Im actually looking at it. It looks good!!!

  2. I see it around 37k myself maybe fully loaded just under 50k. If it is AWD and advertised right they could probably sell an adverage of 2k a month. Why I say 2k a month even though the K900 and Cadenza cant sell 1K? Simple, the Optima introduced this looks people are already familiar with. And with them making this greenhouse look so close to the Optima’s that alone can want the Optima install base of over 100K a year trade in for the same style with more features, better performance and RWD.

  3. Yes please! Awd and start in the thirty thousand mark and kia can take my money.

  4. And a manual gearbox would be awesome. Maybe I’m dreaming but manual and awd would be nuts.

  5. Expect the Genesis G80 (when it gets its MCE) to creep above the $40k mark, so $37-38k seems about right with the Kia in its top trim being more luxurious than the G80.

    No way it starts at $30k as that is around where the Genesis G70 would likely start and the Kia is class segment higher.

    If this can get about 65-70% of G80 sales volume, Kia should be pretty happy.

    Think the new Cadenza will sell a good bit better than the outgoing model.

  6. The most cool thing to notice is the fact that this production design is too close to the prototype one. Just the suicidal girls were removed, but the rest is pretty much there.

    By the way ere´s jtz he wnated this so badly

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing this car in production form. I think it’s gonna be a knockout and Kia’s engineering is sound as a pound. Really – this Kia is the one I have been looking forward to more than any other Kia design in history.

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