2017 Kia Soul Facelift – Latest News & Rumors

Latest rumors and news about the 2017 Kia Soul (release date, color changes, turbo engine and AWD addition)!

Kia Soul crossover vehicle represents a major success story for the South Korean brand.

In terms of sales, the Soul CUV has been the second best-selling Kia vehicle in the United States, and the top-selling model in the small crossover segment.

The current Soul model has also been ranked as tops in quality in the segment for the third straight year, so there’s no wonder why it has won the hearts of so many US consumers.

kia-soul-faceliftThe second-generation Kia Soul has been on sale in the U.S. market for three years, which is why the carmaker decided to freshen up the exterior and interior by giving it a mid-cycle facelift.

Already on sale at your local dealerships, the facelifted 2017 Kia Soul received minor styling tweaks inside and out, as well as several mechanical improvements.

Let’s have a look at what changes and improvements consumers can expect from the 2017 Soul crossover.

Kia Soul 2017 model year – what’s new!

  • Release date: late 2016
  • Dealership arrival: on sale now!
  • Soul Exclaim gets 1,6L T-GDI turbo engine with 201 horsepower
  • 7-speed dual clutch transmission – DCT (turbo model)
  • Range-topping 2017 Soul Exclaim gets sportier exterior, interior
  • 2017 Kia Soul color choices (new): Orange, Mysterious Blue and Russet Brown

There are other enhancements and 2017 Soul changes available, so we will soon update the blog with a more in-depth review of this funky little hamster car (to be updated).

2017 Kia Soul EV electric car

The 2017 model year changes and improvements may also affect the 2017 Soul EV (all electric model), but the automaker has yet to release official details about it.

You can expect Kia to further enhance the all electric 2017 Soul EV and provide it with a longer driving range on a single charge.

Soul Trailster AWD Launch in 2017

The long awaited Soul AWD will not be launched next year as previously reported.

It’s very likely that the Soul all-wheel-drive will come to the market in a couple of years once Kia unveiles the third generation model.

Latest spy shots of Kia Soul facelift

Kia Soul 2017  2017 Soul What's New  2017 Soul spy shots

We will keep you guys updated with all the latest news and rumors about the Kia Soul 2017 facelift. Stay tuned!

2017 Kia Soul price

Here we have the official information about the 2017 Kia Soul MSRP. Prices exclude $850 destination charge!

  • Base trim (1.6L, manual transmission) costs $15,990.
  • Base trim (1.6L, 6-speed automatic transmission) costs $17,550.
  • Plus trim (2.0L, 6-speed automatic gearbox) pricing start at $19,650.
  • Range-topping Exclaim (1,6L turbo, 7-speed DCT) MSRP starts at $22,650

52 thoughts on “2017 Kia Soul Facelift – Latest News & Rumors

  1. With the expected mid-design of the Kia Soul, can we expect the current 2016 model/trims to offer amazing sale prices to make way for the newer cards? If so, how soon? April, May, June of this year?

  2. Kia needs to make the EV Soul more of an traditional Hybrid with a Gas option like they are doing with the Optima. Just having the plug-in isn’t doing much justice for people who wants the hybrid option. They definitely need to bring the Gas Hybrid, Turbo and AWD options to the line-up. The Soul can be customized so much, but still limited to FWD and no additional power which makes the vehicle less appealing to more performance buyers. If no other options start becoming available to Soul, it will be on the chopping block like the Scion XB (which was very popular at one time). People will get bored with it, or either go to Nissan or Jeep to get the power and AWD/4WD options that are need for other people in the market that was interested in the Soul.

  3. they need to get some different colors and upgrade the interior. the interior is very dark. there are no chrome or brushed aluminum accents. it would make a huge difference in the appearance of the interior.
    also, in the ! model, they should offer a bi colored seating like the umber.

  4. I have the 2012! model Soul in the Alien Green. I absolutely love love love this car! But Kia is going to keep playing with the looks till they screw it up! I, too, would love to see the interior played with color wise. Also, the exterior paint could sure be upgraded. I have a 97 Ford Explorer Sport that I also bought brand new and the paint on it is still better than the Kia paint! I already don’t like the rear end of the 2015 Soul. The Soul has a look all its own and should stay that way.

  5. I wish they would come out with a few Pearl Colors, a richer dark pearl blue, pearl white and a tropical pearl blue. Offer these colors with black tops….

  6. I’d like to see an AWD with a manual transmission and improved fuel mpg. I have a ’15 now and am very disappointed with it compared to the ’11 I traded in.

  7. I wish they would put a bigger back up camera in all the models and offer an optional sun roof in the EX range.

  8. Forward collision warning is not enough. Please offer auto braking too! Worth the price!

  9. Turbo engine and manual option for +/! trims

    And bring back the ignition color option!

  10. When I retired, I sold my high dollar nissian titan that was given to me as a retirement gift, then purchased a Soul ! with all the options. Love this car, very easy to park, but at 6’5″, I needed more leg room, so I made new mounts and move the seat back 5″. Will purchase a new one next year, but wish it could get the sport age turbo engine. With 271 horsepower and all wheel drive, it would be a blast.

  11. I have a 2010 Kia Soul. Really have liked it. Holding out/hoping for 2017 purple !

  12. I have a 2014 kia soul love this car. I am looking to upgrade my kia soul, but waiting to see what’s new. I would love a sun roof. I think that will give the soul a classic look. Sun roof that extends from front to bacK what about that. Waiting on my next soul.

  13. I have a 2013 Soul+ and love it! Don’t change it too much..tweak the front and rear but leave the overall shape the same. I wish it had more sound deadeners, better steering and a Turbo. I agree with the comments about “brightening” up the interior! I went from a Mustang to a Soul because of my bad back. I would REALLY like to see a SOUL Sport edition.

  14. I have a 2012 kia ! edition and love it. bought new.If they make it in turbo or awd would buy another one. please kia keep the price affordable and don’t change the warranty best in the industry! we need new colors out there. a very pleased kia soul owner.

  15. I have a red 2010 soul, I absolutely love it!!! I like the tail lights on the 2010 better than any of the newer ones. I have had issues with lights going out, my radio display that has the clock and temp has been out for about 3 or 4 years, it comes on about every 3 or 4 months for a few hours. Ive taken it to the dealership and they just want to charge me for a new radio. Also, the gear shifts light goes off and on, and I had the recall brake light issue, took it in to get it fixed and it was still out when I got it back. But other than those issues, I love it!

  16. Luv the Soul. I welcome any thought of AWD, as being in Northern Ontario, Winters are fun. Add AWD, more fun. Increase engine or add a Turbo to the 2.0. Don’t change a huge amount, keep it simple and the Soul will be around for a while for sure…

  17. I bought my 2012 Soul used & love it. Every time I take it to the Kia Place for Oil Change I get asked if I want to upgrade. I tell them same thing every time “Only when there is a Turbo 2.0 liter Kia Soul !!!!

  18. I love my red soul 2013. I happened to love the all black interior, i think its classy and sleek. I dont like two tone or too much chrome or brushed chrome interior. I think two tone is way to busy……as others have stated, i am hoping for a 4wd or 4×4. And some cool new colors….a cute car like the soul needs some better colors. The alien green is not as vivid as it could be. I would love to see a sparkly cranberry red or purple or bright green, even bring back the orange from a couple of years ago.

  19. Have a. 2010 Soul! .My wife loves it,but I don’t. It’s too noisy,and rides likes bucking bronco.Took a ride in a 2016 and it was significantly better. A turbo version would be a blast especially if it was a 2.0 L. One possible problem is COST,with a current model (!) costing Natein XS of 27 K.

  20. Have seen the new ad for the 2017 Souls.is there going to be a purple like the one in the commercial?

  21. I drove a 2014 Kia Soul for 2 weeks and it was awesome. I am planning on buying a new car in a couple of months, I am seriously thinking of getting one. I would also like it if they had different colors, purple, orange, nice soothing blue. Don’t change the shape much, it is unique and I like it. I don’t care for the cube or the element, so spice up the inside, new colors and you will see many new Souls on the road.

  22. Will the 2017 have blind spot detection and forward collision prevention like the Subaru Crosstrek’s Eye Sight system? These optional systems are very important to me

  23. I too am hoping for blind spot detection! And wish they would put passenger lumbar support and 6 way adjustable. We travel alot. Test drove the 2016 waiting for the 2017 for more horsepower. Salesperson said engine wont be as good – but I can’t see Kia making it worse. Waiting for 2017.

  24. had an 2011 Soul. Will never get another Soul until they start making something other than black interior: black seats, black dash, black carpet. Felt like I was inside a casket. REALLY DARK and REALLY HOT. Had to run the AC way too much. And it was still blacker than a gd cave inside

  25. Agree with Will – all black interior is too dark. Live in TN and need light colored seats and interior. Was hoping the 2017 comes with lighter interior. Also Was thinking Kia should put a dash cam in their cars – be the first. Sure helps with accidents to see what happens. There is the grey interior 2016 but not in the !. Would like to see very light grey or beige.

  26. OH MY GOD! Purple is a must! Or 2nd best is metallic turquoise. I get a new car this year. If the safety features, turbo and colors are not there I will have to get a Hyundai Tucson in Sedona sunset. Please please Kia give me a decent Kia Soul. You have heart, so give me Soul of my dreams. (Ok I won’t insist on pink interior.

  27. I have a 2012 silver Soul and I love it but I want an AWD and either purple or like your Carribean blue! Please don’t change the tail lights, they are unique and pretty and I love the back up camera, I use that all the time. Thanks for a great little car!!

  28. I don’t know why Kia doesn’t make an option for us that live in the Northeast. A Kia 2.0 Turbo e-AWD or AWD Soul would be perfect. Can you imagine the power. I can’t believe they sell a 1.6…. What a joke…It can’t even get out of its own way. Come on Kia…You want to blow the doors off every other car manufacturer…then go ahead and do this. Don’t make a 1.6 Turbo … Make a 2.0 Turbo !!!

  29. Exterior colors should not be limiited to a specific trim but available across the line. I’m seriously considering a 2017. I wish I could get a Soul in light crystal blue metallic but since no one builds a car in that color I’m going to buy a white one.

    Also, make navigation available as a single option. NO WAY am I paying $4,400 for a package to get navigation.

  30. 1.6 turbo, manual transmission, tech goodies, I’m buying! Wife has a 2015! Whole sh’bang, loves it. 1 year and 20000 miles, perfect.

  31. Currently drive a 2015 and LOVE IT! My son took it over……I can’t wait for the 2017 AWD to be available…..when can we expect to see them at the dealers…I will be the first in line!

  32. Looking for a new car and love the Kia Soul but I keep waiting for one in a “DJ PURPLE”! Will buy one then. I’m a Purple obsessed person. Just bring it on!

  33. I have a 15, base w/ 6 speed manual. I love that thing. It’s fun to drive, decent back seat space, and It’s pretty well built. If kia came out w/ a manual version. I might consider doing a trade in.

  34. 2017 Soul

    8 Way Power Passenger Seat
    Blind Spot Detection (Symbol on mirrors)
    Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    Fast Charging USB Ports in Center Armrest Console (1 inside, 1 facing rear passengers)
    Harman Kardon Premium Audio System
    LED Fog Lights
    1.6L Turbo 4 Cyl Engine
    7 Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission
    New Exterior & Interior Color Options

    Also looks like they tweaked the front and rear bumpers slightly (notice the front bumper grill)

  35. I’ve got a 2015 Kia Soul special Edition Carribean Blue With the large view screen and several other goodies that came with it!. I love this car, it’s awesome, great get up and go.Will definitely buy another!

  36. give us back our vent windowa also offer the 2 liter with 6 speed transmission , also offer two tone paint as an option .

  37. I have a 2012! dont get me wrong i love the car but the winters have been getting bad here in wv and i need something awd to get around for work so unless that happens .. i wont be getting another one

  38. Am looking at purchasing my first Soul now. I’m confused though…Salesperson told me that the Carrington Blue was strictly a 2017 color and not a 2016 color. Yet I saw some available that day on the internet listed as 2016! Is he misinformed? I know this is the color that I want. Also which model do I have to buy to get a sunroof? Having trouble finding one with one. Is there a purple color????

  39. Got a 2015 Kia Soul plus..looooove this car..gonna keep it forever. .just buy another one just like it! Kia forever!

  40. Ever so slowly the 2017 Soul ! Trim is being released. Very confused about the color choices though. Kia.com and lots of ads have the Wild Orange color option but it’s not available when trying to ‘build-your-own’. Dealers have no info and have same confusion. Is this a regional color? A delayed release? Limited edition? Can’t seem to get this in Pacific Northwest. Does anyone know?

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