2015 Kia K7 Gets More Features, Lower Prices

Kia has unveiled the newly refreshed 2015 K7 sedan in their home market.

The new K7, which US consumers know as the Cadenza, goes a little upscale with chrome, wood grain, and other nice touches on the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Some of the new additions announced by Kia include tire pressure monitoring, ventilated seats up front, UV wind deflecting windshield, and aero-type wipers as standard.

The navigation system is now considered an option for the 2015 model year.

Kia k7 2015The outgoing K7 model came with six different trim levels, but the new one will be trimmed to three, each of which will have its own engine.

Kia revealed that the main reason for this move was to meet the demands of the customer while keeping prices at a manageable level. All of this despite the fact that the new model comes loaded with more technology than ever before.

Pricing Drop

Pricing for the 2.4-liter and 3.0-liter V6 models sit at $29,900 and $32,000, respectively. Both of those prices are actually less than the outgoing models that came with the same amount of standard features.

Even the top of the range K7 sedan is not immune to the price drop, as its sticker price of around $38,000 is less than the outgoing model.

K7 Hybrid Car

The new model year changes have not affected only the gasoline powered models, but also the K7 K700 hybrid car, which has been first introduced to the Korean consumers several months ago.

The 2015 K700 hybrid powertrain technology hasn’t changed, but Kia says the car comes fitted with its own distinctive hybrid emblem as well as several other minor upgrades that reflect the model year change.

The base hybrid model pricing starts at around $33.500, while the range-topping 2015 K7 hybrid costs $35,000.

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