2014 Kia Forte Comparison Test

With gas prices still sitting at uncomfotably high levels, consumers are trading in their gas-guzzling trucks and SUV’s in favor of a smaller, more affordable ride.

The compact segment is benefitting from that trend, which is why Motor Trend set about comparing all the cars in the segment to see which one came out on top.

The top 5 ended up looking like this: 1st Place: Kia Forte, 2nd Place: Mazda3, 3rd Place: Dodge Dart, 4th Place: Honda Civic, 5th Place: Nissan Sentra.

Wonder what is that put the Kia Forte on top?

Read on to find out what factors the folks at Motor Trend used to decide.

Ride & Handling Kia has always had something of a reputation for delivering vehicles that don’t always have the smoothest of rides.

The 2014 Forte completely bucked that trend by being easy to handle, having a firm ride, and almost have a sporty, responsive feel.

Performance: This was another area where the Kia Forte had a distince edge of the other cars.

Not only did it go fro 0-60 mph a half second faster, it also had the shortest stopping distance by about 2 feet. It fairly zipped around the figure-eight test track, delivering good grip in the process.

When taken to the streets, the Forte displayed a little more power than the other contenders, with the transmission working quickly and efficiently.

Efficiency: Most folks are already aware of the fuel economy issues Kia had with the EPA last year, with many of their numbers being dropped.

The Forte was not affected by that move, but the new version still aims to do better yet. The new model was able to deliver a 24.4 mpg city rating, despite the dact it has the most horsepower and second-highest torque rating.

That rating sits right in the EPA estimated city/highway ratings of 24/36 mpg.

Safety: People look at safety as one of the top factors when deciding to buy, so it’s no real surprise trhat all the cars performed well.

The Kia Forte has yet to be put through its crash test paces yet, and as it’s a complete redesign rather than a refresh, we can onlu guess as to how well it might perform.

Looking at the old Forte, though, it received good ratings and was a Top Safety Pick. The belief is that the new model will actually do even better.

Value: The compact segment is one where value for money ios a major consideration.

That was especially true with the Motor Trend test (more details), as all of the cars in the list came with a bevvy of high-priced options such as navigation systems, leather seats, keyless entry, and more.

The all new 2014 Forte was the one that really took the cake here, though, with power front seats that are both heated and cooled, heated rear seats, power-folding side mirrors, a heated steering wheel, multiple steering modes, and more, all for a mid-pack price of $25,610.

If you combine all that with the fuel economy and a warranty that is second to none, it’s easy to see why the Kia Forte delivers a great value to the buyer.

Comparison Test Conclusion

Each of the above factors, and how they would impact the average buyer, were taken into consideration to come up with the result.

Motor Trend had the relatively eassy decision of making the 2014 Kia Forte the winner of the comparison test, as it’s combination of performance, fuel efficiency, reasonable pricing, and endless feature list was what truly impressed the judges.

10 thoughts on “2014 Kia Forte Comparison Test

  1. The compact segment is one where value for money ios a major consideration.

    I’ll say. The 2014 Kia Forte is the best Forte design yet from Kia Motors. Definitely the Kia I would buy. Although it’s not as desirable to me as my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, it is very, very desirable and I think it should sell in good numbers for Kia. It’s stiff handling build is only one of the reasons I’d opt for a 2014 Kia Forte 4-door sedan.

  2. 1. problem one.
    Perception, Public perception
    2. Hyundai isn’t addressing that ill public perception people have of Hyundai.
    3. who does that rest on? the top people like Chung Mong Koo. I am starting to despise him.

    4. Naming strategies. psychology, brand identification, and association.

    the Word, Forte< does not stimulate the nervous system as such a world like
    1. Galaxy
    2. Familiar and Famous cities, States, geographical locations
    3. Feminine beautiful names or Masculine strong names
    4. Nature sounding or Cute animal names
    5. Modern words that symbolize the civic relation or social relationships people have with each other.
    5a. Skyscraper means power, stength, teamwork, hardwork and wealth, empire
    Carribean means getaway, relaxation, peace, respite .etcterea

    If you want to sell a car like the Civic, naming it the Forte is not such a great start.

    Try a name that conveys, everyday life, practicality, efficiency, reliability, earnestness.
    Kia Urbanite (Maybe)
    Cosmopolitan(too fancy)
    Township (a Minivan ala Town and country)
    Progress/ion (maybe mini car like the Rio)
    Spirit * (this is a good name)
    Service (kind of boring)
    Columbia *(every state has a town called columbia)
    Capital * (strong and regal but not emotional and to the heart)
    Inter-State *(in reference to the transportation artery of America.

    I can go on and on. But you guys at Kia and Hyundai need to learn how to market a darn car. Because you make excellent cars. and more people need to buy them

  3. Hyundai could be= Hunday
    the Slanted H logo could be a cute tiger or a majestic tiger.

    The Genesis should have their own logo and not the awkward slanted H.

    The Kia Cadenza should be re-named to something people can ASSOCIATE with. do you guys get it? who associates a name like Cadenza. only a few music aficionados that understand classical music! Who thought of this silly name??????????????

    A Regal Car? right?? find regal, elegant name that people respect and can relate to !!

    Kia Madison (Winner name)

    Kia Diamond (A Gem of course and a girl’s best friend)

    Kia Gold (a precious metal that people relate to)

    Kia Thoroughbred (Symbolize horse racing)

    Kia Eagle/falcon (already taken I think by ford)

    Kia Opera (more understood and appreciated than Cadenza

    Kia Shire (Country ispired, dizzying plains of grassy hills)

    Kia Sojourn

    1. Sophia *
    2. Isabella
    3. Emma *
    4. Olivia
    5. Ava
    6. Emily *
    7. Abigail
    8. Madison
    9. Mia
    10. Chloe *
    11. Elizabeth *
    12. Ella
    13. Addison
    14. Natalie *
    15. Lily
    16. Grace *
    17. Samantha
    18. Avery
    19. Sofia
    20. Aubrey

    Kia Rocky Mountains (Luxury SUV)
    Diamond Head is one of the tallest mountains in Arizona that is good car name for a race car. It’s also a snake I believe

    i could go on and on. But clearly, it is evident that you need to improve your naming strategies. First and foremost

  4. There is not a single name in your list that doesn’t sound ridiculous as the name of a car. The only Kia names I don’t care for are the K- names, Cerato, Rondo, Sephia, and Carens. Names are nearly irrelevant to car shoppers. There is not a single person out there that would buy one car over another because of the name of it. You could have the Kia Corolla or Kia Camry…would it suddenly become the best selling car? The Kia F-150? NO, because that is NOT what car shoppers are looking for when they buy a car.

  5. Kia Rocky Mountains? Oh yeah, that’s not a mouthful. It doesn’t even flow, and is awkward to say. Two syllables is ideal, three at the very MOST – no more than EIGHT characters or it is TOO MUCH. There is nothing wrong with their naming strategies. The majority of them have good meanings, flow well with “Kia”, and aren’t too long or complicated to say. (Cadenza might be pushing it slightly, but it sounds so elegant).

  6. The name “Amanti” makes me think of red wine in a cut crystal glass. Simple elegance.

  7. it’s interesting how i recommended that Kia sign Robert Downey Jr back in 2011. Nissan signed him to a contract in august 2012. Gee, it’s not rocket science Kia and Hyundai.

    As for the name Amanti. Most people don’t even know what the name Amanti is. HOw can people develop a relation to a product if they don’t even know the meaning of the name of the product? It’s that simple.

    It’s simple Word Association and Pavlov’s Operant Conditioning. Just thinking of a word can provoke a RADICAL and violent reacion from an individual. Words are that powerful to the Human Brain. THerefore, marketers who actually do research and reading into the masters of behaviorism and Neuroscience can manipulate these techniques to sell products.

    It’s Edward Bernays that said, ” don’t change the product to sell to people. Change the people to sell the Product”

    You must be able to understand the HUMAN mind and how it works, subconscious needs and desires, Tribalism, idiosyncratic behaviors, and trends.

    Kia succeeded with the SOUL because
    1. the Soul is a cute car
    2. The car has a nice name people can relate to
    3. Hamsters made the car automatically adorable and viral marketing reached out to millions of people.
    4. The Car is actually pretty good eh?

    There is your strategy. I am laying this out. and I know other shabby auto makers employees read what I am writing. I hope Kia, you will get what I am talking about and try to implement massive marketing techniques.

    Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it helps, but effective.
    1. People Love Animals, people have beed conditioned to love animals in commercials and videos
    2. People need to laugh at commercials to win their heart.
    3. A good car is a pre-requisite of course. but cars these days are a commodity. your psychological influence and manipulations will win you marketshare in the future.
    4. Styling that is truly inspiring. let you designers be clean of health and strongly committed to clean Organic food and distilled water.

  8. “There is not a single person out there that would buy one car over another because of the name of it.”
    you don’t have an understanding of psychology or even word association. Because words and symbols are what people relate to.
    Say a provocative word and people will have an immediate reaction to that word. Another word can provoke a complete opposite response. Car names or not the defacto indicator that a car will sell, but a good car name will help create a legacy for itself if the car holds up well over the long run.

    “ou could have the Kia Corolla or Kia Camry”
    Toyota established itself long ago when the American auto makers were making shoddy built cars. When a Japanese car was that much evidently superior in technology and reliability. THe American people chose the more reliable car by a large margin. That is how Toyota and Honda made a name itself.

    The name Camry is a sonerous name and smooth to the ears. Though people don’t understand the meaning of the name “Kanmuri)=Crown,
    People the Camry became part of the American lexicon because the car was that much superior to the American Junk that was sold in the 80s and 90s.

    These days, cars are basically identical since the same suppliers supply most of the autobrands today. Denso, Posco, Goodyear and on and on. Hyundai even builds cars for Chrysler now.

    ” The Kia F-150? NO, because that is NOT what car shoppers are looking for when they buy a car.”
    The F-150 name was meant to be Ford-150. Kia taking the F-150 name would make no sense. perhaps if Kia named it the K-1, K-3 etcetera that would make more sense. And FOrd is a legendary name, just in name not in actual manufacturing ability.

    I suggested that Kia adopt the F-1 moniker for their GT sports car. If they are serious in making a incredible sports car. the F-1 Name is perfect for Kia. If Kia fails to live up to the F-1 name, that would be Kia’s fault. However, the F-1 name could make or Break Kia into a top racing brand. That would mean that Kia would probably have to pay a licence to Formula one to licence the name.

    “Kia Rocky Mountains? Oh yeah, that’s not a mouthful. It doesn’t even flow, and is awkward to say.”
    But people in america are well aware of the Rocky Mountains. It is very famous and well respected. That is the OVER-Arching point I am making. Word Association par excellence is associating your name with a respected, famous or popular other name.
    Calling it the Kia Rocky Mountain for an SUV is not terrible. Maybe a little unique at first, but if the SUV is really rugged as advertised, Kia would make a name for itself with the new ROcky Mountain SUV.

  9. Years ago Studebaker had the Avanti and it was a good name. I still think Amanti was a great name.

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