Kia Cadenza Commercial – Who’s The Girl?

Kia releases new Cadenza video commercial, titled “high school reunion”.

Kia has built something of a reputation for their fun-filled ads, especially those made to promote the Kia Soul.

They are stepping away from that with the promotion of the Cadenza premium sedan, an upscale model that comes in at around $35,000.

As you might expect, the advertising for the Cadenza premium sedan has taken an upscale tone, too, with not a single hip-hop hamster in sight.

The theme of the advertising is much like the story arc of the Kia brand, with the high school wallflower that no-one paid attention to, but who has blossomed into a stunning beauty by the time high school reunion rolls around.

The new Kia Cadenza commercial, which was put together by Kia’s go to advertising firm David & Goliath, features a Cadenza prowling the streets of New York City.

We only get a few teasing glimpses of the woman behind the wheel.

When she finally arrives at her 20-year reunion, jaw hit the floor as she does not look a day over 25.

The idea being presented is that she, like the Kia Cadenza, is “impossible to ignore.”

The music that is included in the spot is David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” but it’s pretty subtle until you hear the “mysterious moonlight” line.

Kia Cadenza Commercial

We would like to know who’s the girl in the Kia Cadenza commercial? Does anyone know?

About the commercial

Tim Chaney, Kia Motors America’s director of marketing, spoke to Marketing Daily and revealed that up until now, Kia has been choosing to promote the car via print media in key markets, as well as at the Kia Classic Golf Tournament.

He went on to say that a pair of ads would follow this initial offering, with the later commercials focusing more on the technology found in the Cadenza.

The all-new Kia Cadenza vehicle went on sale in April and will feature prominently during the NBA finals, with Kia being the official car sponsor for the league.

Chaney went on to talk about the great reviews that the car has been receiving in the press and technology publications.

He says the goal is to integrate that into the advertising in areas such as Wires magazine’s online property, as well as at Golf.com and a larger network of sites across the internet.

Besides the print, online and TV advertising Kia has in place, they will also be implementing a very unique experiential program via a partnership with restaurant guide and reservation sites like OpenTable.com.

The goal here is to provide upscale diners with the opportunity to test drive the new Cadenza.

They will also be taking the vehicle to other upscale venues across the country in order to get the word out that the Cadenza can very much compete with the mainstream sedans of the world.

13 thoughts on “Kia Cadenza Commercial – Who’s The Girl?

  1. Her name is Alecia Connell. She is originally from Billerica, MA now lives in LA

  2. There’s no possible way that would be Amanda Cemy. The Kia model is very classy and decent. It’s Teresa Moore definitely!!! Amanda Cemy is far too trashy!!

  3. Name: Teresa Moore
    Nationality: New Zealand
    DOB: Nov 30, 1980
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 115
    Measurments: 34B-24-34
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

  4. Well, it’s on Teresa Moore’s website… I doubt she’s going to post it there if it isn’t her in the commercial

  5. Not one single person commented on slick unreal commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which it is

  6. Of course their nice looking cars………one does not need to be Einstein to see unreal slick svelte nice designs when looking at Kia or Hyundai and their is enough model differentiaton between them to capture the public to buy. Bit peeved Cadenza is not in Australis hey

  7. Yes the Quoris is another stunner without doubt. I love how Kia’s look and they have nailed unreal designs

  8. Kinda wish the person in the spot actually made sense. Would have been powerful to portray a striking 37 year old woman (there are PLENTY of them) who actually DID graduate realistically in 1993. Despite the beauty of the woman and the spot (and the car), it all rings fake. This on the heels of Kia apologizing for its erroneous MPG estimates makes me wonder what else they are touting that is untrue. And if you’re wondering, I own an Optima so not a Kia hater. Yet maybe that’s why I take it personally. Reason I’m checking is because those who feel the brand is all flash point it out to me. I defended the company vehemently saying “no way they would do that.” Unfortunate!

  9. One one Commerical she introduces herself as Becky Cerios. But that name doesn’t show up on the net.

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