2014 Honda Civic Coupe vs. Kia Forte Koup SX

By winning several comparison tests, the 2014 Kia Forte 4-door sedan has proved to be a worthy contender in the world of compact cars.

How about the Forte sedan’s sibling model, the newly launched Forte Koup 2-door?

How well does it compare to one of the best-selling compact coupes in the USA, the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe?

The two models have been put against each other in a comparison road test conducted by Kelley Blue Book’s editors, recently.

Here’s what they say:

Kia Forte Koup vs Civic CoupeIt wasn’t so very long ago that a contest between a Honda and a Kia would have been considered somewhat meaningless.

Honda would clearly win hands down against the Korean upstart.

Times have changed, though, and the Kia Forte Koup is viewed as a worthy opponent to the Honda Civic Coupe, so let’s compare.

[Photosource: kbb.com]

2014 Model Year Brings Significant Changes To Both Cars

Both models have been given a refresh for the 2014 model year.

Kia is adding more power with the addition of a turbocharged engine, as well as upping the ante in the cabin.

The Honda Civic Coupe has a new CVT automatic transmission, improved technology across the board, and design tweaks on the inside and out.

Both vehicles come in at under $20,000, deliver great fuel economy, and can fit 5, albeit somewhat uncomfortably.

It’s when both cars are ‘fully dressed’ that they start to separate.

Forte Koup SX vs. Civic Coupe EX-L

The models being compared here are the 2014 Kia Forte Koup SX and a 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX-L.

The power battle sees the Kia get the nod, with its 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine delivering 30hp more than the Civic’s 1.8-liter 4-cylinder.

That extra jolt in power may have taken a small toll on fuel efficiency, though, as it’s the Civic that comes out ahead there.

The starting price of both models is only a couple of hundred bucks apart, making the difference negligible.

Loading up both models saw the Civic come in at just under $25,000, while the Forte Koup was about $1,000 above that.

The extra power makes the Forte Koup the faster of the two vehicles, but it’s also pretty smooth, with a 6-speed automatic transmission that does not suffer from turbo lag.

That said, the Civic doesn’t drive as though it’s far off in power. The CVT is especially zippy and may be one of the best examples of that type of system currently on the market.

When it comes to drivability thee Civic takes the nod over the somewhat stiff feeling of the Kia Koup, especially on tougher terrain.

The suspension on the Civic seems capable of quite easily handling any type of road surface.

So, what’s the verdict?

The guys over at kbb.com state it really all comes down to what you want from your car.

If it’s a sport, feature laden car that is affordable and fun to drive, go for the Forte Koup.

If, on the other hand, fuel economy, great resale value, and a smoother ride are what you are after the Civic Coupe is the car for you.

Your thoughts: What’s your opinion on the Civic Coupe – Forte Koup comparison test? Share your thoughts with the rest of Kia fans!

One thought on “2014 Honda Civic Coupe vs. Kia Forte Koup SX

  1. Seeing a Kia compare to one of the best quailty cars in the world shows how they have come. A Civic is damn near impossible to beat in the quailty area.

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