2014 Forte Koup 2-Door Coupe Unveiled In NYC

There are no more surprises in store for the 2014 Kia Forte, with the sedan unveiled at last year’s LA Auto Show, the Forte 5-door hatchback on display at the recent Chicago Auto show, and the new Forte Koup 2-door coupe getting its world premiere at the New York Auto Show.

The Forte is Kia’s attempt at rivaling the Honda Civic Coupe, with the design work being done at the California design studio.

The 2014 Forte Koup coupe will be available in the US in the fourth quarter, and will come in a pair of trim levels (EX and SX), as well as two engine and transmission choices.

The EX will be powered by a 2,0L GDI engine delivering 173HP and 154 lb-ft (209 Nm), paired to a standard 6-speed automatic transmission driving the front wheels.

Forte Koup SX With 1,6L Turbo Engine

The SX is a little sportier and comes with a new 1,6L turbocharged GDI four-cylinder engine with an output of 201HP and 195 lb-ft (264 Nm) of torque, with the option of being mated to a 6-speed manual or auto transmission.

It will also feature steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Kia has revealed that the suspension has been improved, thanks to the addition of a McPherson strut up front and a torsion beam design in the rear.

The results should be a better handling performance than that seen in the 4-door and 5-door models. The EX rides on standard 205/55R-16 tires while 225/40R-18 tires are included with the SX trim.

2014 Kia Forte Koup Pictures


3 thoughts on “2014 Forte Koup 2-Door Coupe Unveiled In NYC

  1. I got to disagree with you on this design. At the end of the day it is a modified Hyundai Accent. I am glad the C pillar remained true to the original Forte Koup. But what happend to the unique character line that feeds up into the A-pillar side mirrors? That was unique and apparently lost. The front end of the car is in my personal opinion disappointing don’t like this version of the tiger grill.

    Like I said before on an earlier post Provost and GT I am getting my financials together I am ready and all in for those two vehicles.

  2. Forgive me for this, but I see previous-gen Passat/CC in the rear end. I’m not sure what it is about it, but that’s what it immediately reminded me of.

  3. I guess beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. I just don’t see it the way your looking at it. That character line I was talking about IS NOT THERE where it curves right up into the bottom of the mirror and a pillar.

    Provo we will just disagree on that one.

    That is what makes art and car design so unique cause everyone has a different perspective.

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