2013 Kia Soul is an Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the year

The 2013 Kia Soul has quickly become one of the most popular cars in the automakers lineup, thanks in large part to it cool aesthetic and hip appeal.

The car has been a hit with the younger crowd, which has now been reflected in the most recent awards the Soul received.

It was named the Active Lifestyle Vehicle (ALV) of the Year at the 9th annual ALV awards in the Urban Vehicle category.

That award follows close on the heels of the Kelley Blue Book awards for including “Top Tailgating Car for 2012” and “Top Back-To-School Car.”

The ALV event was held on the campus of Local Motors in Chandler, AZ., and featured no less than 28 vehicles vying for the top spot.

The judge’s panel was made up of over two dozen media members, seventy athletes from a variety of different outdoors sports, and over 100 panelists.

Each member of the panel was chosen for their ability to judge how well each vehicle could fit into an active lifestyle. The testing of all the vehicles was performed in both on and off road environments.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing & communications, Kia Motors America said the company was honored to have received the award from ALV. He went on to say that he believed the award validated Kia’s feeling that the Soul has the functionality and versatility to make it perfect for the casual outdoors lover to the world-class athlete.

He went on to talk about the performance of the 2013 Soul, as well as it’s IIHS ‘Top Safety Pick’ status.

He was also quick to point out that the comfortable interior and top of the line front suspension system make the Soul a great ride, no matter what sort of road it was driven on.

There are many different car awards out there, but the ALV award is the only one that takes into consideration the opinions of automotive journalists and local athletes.

That makes for one truly unique award that is a real honor to win. [Source: Kia]

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8 thoughts on “2013 Kia Soul is an Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the year

  1. While I am not able quite yet to purchase a new Soul, I continue to study the Soul and few other vehicles. The question I have, is it worth getting the loaded 2.0, 18″ wheel model, or is the 1.6 more than adequate? The one comment I hear is that the 18″ wheels make the highway ride a bit stiff or jerky…what about city driving? Has the sound deadening and damping additions to the 2013 made a difference?
    Thanks for any suggestions, as I hoping to finally be able to buy one in the not-to-distant future.

  2. To be a “Truly Active lifestyle Vehicle” the Soul needs to offer AWD. There is a lot to explore out their in ” Great Outdoors”
    and for snowboarders, skiers, campers,hikers ect. the Soul with AWD would be a home run,
    Plus women love the security of AWD. Go for it Kia , your dealers will sell’em.
    Congrats on the Award!! The Soul is” A Great Way To Roll”.

  3. what’s happened to this site, we’ve gone back in time, postings have disappeared???????????

  4. Kia could probably sell more Sportages, but because of strikes in Korea, and limited production capacity, they can’t feasibly build more than they are. Supply and Demand. No matter how high the demand is, unless there is supply, it does no good. Kia lost 64,000+ cars to recent strikes in Korea.

  5. It’s not that the CX-5 has more demand – they have more SUPPLY, not necessarily more demand. This is how allocation is determined – there is more DEMAND for the Soul, that is why there are more Souls available than Sportages. However, there is more DEMAND for both the Soul and Sportage than there is SUPPLY. If Kia could SUPPLY 15,000 Souls per month, I’m sure they could sell that many. If Kia could SUPPLY 5,000 Sportages per month, they could sell that many. They have to balance the demands of the global market, as well as the US market, and build what is most in demand in order to maximize profit. Really, it’s not that hard of a concept. They only can build so many, and until they can make necessary changes, they have to supply what is most in demand. Why do you think there are little to no SX Rios? They have limited production capacity of the Rio, so they are building the higher-volume, higher profit margin vehicles. And why the hell does it matter if Mazda surpasses Kia sales? 99% of the US would not KNOW or CARE, and it wouldn’t affect anybody’s brand perception more than your own body effects the Earth’s orbit. Get real.

  6. Kia is not benchmarking Mazda in any way. They are primarily benchmarking Nissan and Ford. Their long term product plans are not to go sporty….and the GT was a CONCEPT to show future design direction, just like the KEE. They never made the Kee, either – they never intended to. The fuel economy thing isn’t a big deal, and as conwelpic said, Kia didn’t even have to do this. They are admitting their mistake and owning up to it. This reimbursing consumers is going to cost a LOT of money. I think it is very noble of them, and I’m sure a lot of other consumers will see it that way, too. I think this could even build loyalty – they weren’t sneaky about it (ahem*toyota*ahem). The same plant builds the Sportage and the Soul. Obviously, they are going to build more Souls. They don’t build the same Sportage at the Europe plant, they don’t even build the US Sportage’s engines in Europe!! – and besides, they wouldn’t want to. As it is, there is a 5-6 month WAIT for a Sportage in Europe. Kia is literally building them as fast as they can. The Soul segment is a hotter seller, that is why more resources are dedicated to it than the Sportage. The compact car segment will always be hotter than the Sportage’s segment – THAT is why they aren’t spending the resources on putting a Sportage line at KMMG. In case you haven’t noticed, Kia has put their BEST SELLING car lines at KMMG. Plus, since they build the Elantra in Alabama, many of the resources are already in place to build the Forte. Anyway, if they do build the Forte – they are going to have to invest a lot of money in adding another line – both US plants are at full capacity. Although KMMG did just open up their hiring process again, so there is a good chance they might do that. But still, stop with your speculation – get your facts straight.

  7. All manufacturers are getting audited now. I’m willing to bet this isn’t going to end with Hyundai and Kia. Please, go be a Mazda fan. They deserve you.

  8. I just bought a 2013 Kia Soul Exclaim (with all the goodies, & 18″ wheels) & I love it. It handles beautifully. I’ve already driven it 2 Orlando twice in 3 days the day after I bought it. Of course, I felt all the bumps & rough areas in the road. I live in South Florida & I see these cars EVERYWHERE!!!! I think the Soul is the highest selling car in any class right now. I can’t wait 2 customize this thing. My best friend’s teenage kids want 1 when they’re old enough. lol.

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