2013 Pro_cee’d GT Video Review

Kia has been receiving some real high praise for their cee’d 5-door and pro_cee’d 3-door models as of late.

The plaudits are all the more satisfying when you consider that there has only been one prior model of each vehicle.

Compare that to the decades of work that the competition in Europe have put in and you get an idea of just how well they have done.

The next logical step in the process was a hot hatch, which Kia delivered with the super cool 2013 pro_cee’d GT.

Kia may be a South Korean company, but this model is Europe through and through, as it was engineered and built in the Old Continent.

This is a big step for Kia and one that comes with high expectations, despite this being their first foray into the hot hatch market. That expectation shows just how far the automaker has come in recent years.

 Kia pro_cee’d Review

AutoExpress has come up with a fantastic video review of the Pro_cee’d GT, which you can see here, but first let’s learn a little more about the car.

Since this is considered something of an entry level car for Kia, the GT packs a slightly less powerful punch than its rivals.

The all-new Kia Pro_ceed GT comes complete with a turbocharged version of the “Gamma” 1,6L direct-injection GDI turbo engine.

The turbo adds up to 204 horsepower at 6000rpm, and 265 Nm of torque between 1750rpm and 4500rpm.

A look at the video review will confirm that the Pro_cee’d GT is as good as you would hope for, delivering the same great qualities as the other members of the Cee’d family.

It has a better than average turbo engine and some very stylish design tweaks.

While it doesn’t exactly do anything to set the hot hatch world on fire, it does serve warning to the competitors that Kia is now in the game and ready to play hard.

2 thoughts on “2013 Pro_cee’d GT Video Review

  1. Nice car and classic looks. Kia and Hyundai are truly on a genuine roll and makes most others look so yesterday on looks! Love the attention to detail internally too!

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