First Pics Of New Kia Ray (Korean Market Vehicle)

Kia Ray box-type city car revealed in South Korea!

Earlier today, Kia Motors Corporation unveiled a brand-new city-car called Ray, which will be marketed exclusively in South Korea.

Known previously as Kia TAM (development codename), the all-new city-car belongs to the A-segment and is built upon the Picanto city-car platform.

As seen from the two official images, the all-new Kia Ray sports a distinctive box-type exterior design.

Up-front, it boasts the brand’s H-shaped signature radiator grille and unique headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

From the rear, the 2013 Ray presents a wide and stable stance, highlighted by prominent LED rear combination lamps and vertically positioned bumper reflectors.

The car also features a sliding rear door on the right hand side, which enables passengers easier access in and out of the car in tight parking spaces and also provides an unobstructed side opening for cargo storage.

Although not seen on the images here, the rear door on the left hand side is opening in the traditional way.

While the South Korean carmaker has yet to release official details about the Ray’s powertrain technology, we have learned that the 2013 Ray city-car features a highly-efficient 1.0L three-cylinder gasoline engine.

A fully electric Kia Ray will also be available at a later date.

Full details about the 2013 Kia Ray (engine options, performance figures and standard features) will be released closer to the cars official Korean debut (later this month).

Kia Ray image gallery:


7 thoughts on “First Pics Of New Kia Ray (Korean Market Vehicle)

  1. @ Attaboy – you are right. This car is SMALLER than the Picanto (according to Kia-Buzz), and those wheels look absolutely TINY compared to the rest of the vehicle. 12″ alloys? They don’t look much bigger than that.

  2. This is the first time I’ve gotten a glimpse of the Kia ray and it’s very unique and quirky looking. Looks like a “fun” car for a smaller family. Too bad we don’t get these Korean models here in the U.S

  3. Is it me or does this thing look like Picachu and a Nissan Cube mated and had an offspring???????????????

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