2013 Kia Quality Improves Significantly

A recent quality survey conducted by J.D. Power saw Hyundai and Kia Motors take 5th spot.

That marks the highest ever ranking by both automakers in the survey put together by the renowned US marketing firm.

A total of 21 carmakers were included in the Initial Quality Study, with the Koreans taking the 5th spot with a total of 106 points.

In order to get the total points, brands and vehicles are rated by counting the number of complaints per 100 vehicles, with 233 different criteria used.

The vehicles in question were those sold between November of last year and February of this. The lower the score, the higher the quality and satisfaction.

Kia quality update: 2014 car quality report highlights Kia Soul and Optima!

An official from Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group said that the high ranking was down to the fact that both Hyundai and Kia have drastically improved the quality of their products.

Kia Soul, Sportage – Quality Leaders

The Hyundai Genesis, Kia Soul and Sportage were segment winners in the midsize premium, small multi-purpose and small SUV segments, respectively.

Hyundai have four other cars rank in the top 3 across a number of different segments.

The Azera, known as the Grandeur, locally, placed second in the large car segment.

The Accent took second in the sub-compact segment, with the Sonata also finishing second in the  midsize segment.

Also placing was the Santa Fe SUV, taking third place in the crossover utility segment.

This is a huge achievement for both automakers and is a sign of just how much the quality of the products they have in the US market have improved.

When up against luxury brands, Hyundai and Kia still combined for 10th, ahead of the likes of Audi and BMW, who took 13th and 18th, respectively.

Hyundai Genesis dropped 6 points from the previous year to score and impressive 86.

A slightly lower quality score was still enough to put it ahead of other luxury sedans such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Lexus GS.

Car Model & Brands Quality Rankings


5 thoughts on “2013 Kia Quality Improves Significantly

  1. Well, I just leased a 2013 Optima Hybrid. So far I’m getting 47.7 MPG, and have gone over 500 miles. Have only burned slightly over a half tank of gas. I’m anxious to see how the hybrid’s reliability is over the next 36 months. I’m extremely impressed with how seamlessly the gas engine engages. You can’t even feel it. Love, love, love the car.

  2. Greg, that’s Grandma’s Kia Optima Hybrid, right? I am starting ta research 6M Soul’s in Molten Red. I don’t think we’d be willing ta actually pull the trigger and trade the ’08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in, though. It would take a strong tornado or earthquake ta get that accomplished. I will heartily continue researching Kia Motors’ stable however. They just continue to amaze and impress me. Just read about 34 reviews on the Kia Soul ownership experience on Yahoo!Autos. Most people give it a great review – the bad marks are usually really picky things that have ta do with what their Kia Soul is not, IOW’s what Kia DIDN’T design the Kia Soul ta do in the first place, so it isn’t Kia’s fault they received a “bad” mark on the little CUV. I am starting ta dig it’s front and rear views and love the volcanic molten red color for the car.

  3. Bryan, I leased it for her. She doesn’t need a car note anymore, she can’t afford that on her retirement. I have a very good income, I can afford it for her.

  4. Ah, what a fantastic grandson you are, Greg. It’s a great looking Optima Hybrid. I know you will but continue to post in here or on Facebook how she likes her Optima Hybrid. I’m sure she’ll love it!

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