2013 Kia K9 spy shots

Exclusive spy shots: 2013 Kia K9 caught in the wild for the first time!

Before we move to Geneva Auto Show, which officially begins on Tuesday, March 1st., we should take a look at a mysterious prototype, which has been caught in South Korea recently. Heavily camouflaged large-sized sedan is widely believed to be the all-new Kia K9 luxury car, which has been rumored to make its official debut in 2012 or 2013.

Expected to debut in spring next year, the K9 luxury car will share its platform with Hyundai Equus sedan. The highlight of new Kia K9 will be the all-new 5.0L V8 Tau engine, which churns out impressive 429 horsepower and Kia’s new 8-speed automatic transmission. The highly-advanced V8 engine will feature gasoline direct injection technology, as well as Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), which will significantly improve the car’s driving dynamics and refinement.

The 2013 Kia K9 will first go on sale in the home Korean market, however, latest rumors suggest that the model will also appear in the North American market. Thanks for the pics, K-Kim!

2013 Kia K9 spy shots:

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33 thoughts on “2013 Kia K9 spy shots

  1. So this is the Amanti? So this is Kia’s version of the Lexus LS huh? Kia’s version of the BMW and Audi huh? Kia’s version of a really powerful RWD car that is ready to tackle that Dodge Charger all the way loaded car huh? Kia’s version of the Equus huh? This is the redesigned Amanti Huh? The car that was rumoured for nearly 5 years and I’m actually seeing it for the first time on spy shots huh? What if this is the Cadenza for America and just got a different Grille on it just like my boy Greg said? I mean, pinch me I’m dreaming right? So next would be the Kee to compete with that new Subaru RWD coupe? I guess will see more of this car later huh? You sure its not a Daewoo? Daewoo has been stilling Hyundai/Kia’s designs? You sure it’s not a Samsoung? What if it’s a Lada? You really really really sure this is the K9? I mean you been wrong before right? Where Squarehole at he’ll know. This can’t be a Kia. Hyundai would never allow Kia to get Hyundai’s 5.0l V8. It just can’t be. I’m sorry but I don’t believe it.

  2. I wonder if the greenhouse and headlights take after the Kia Ray’s? And yet it doesn’t….. but then again it does and then again it doesn’t. Yet it does.. The bumper looks like it takes after the KV7′s?

  3. No, no I think that you misunderstood me. Take a look at Kia’s Korean website, they made some updates to the Cadenza which make it more appealing to the US market. Also, as I have said before, I think Kia has ditched the alpha-numeric crap….the Morning wasn’t the K1 and the Rio wasn’t the K2.
    Yes, you guys, this is a Kia. It got the green light almost 2 years ago, and here it is. Engineered, designed, tested and now finally out in the open. It takes at least 2 years to design and engineer a vehicle from scratch, then about a year after it tests out in the open…for a total of three years from inception. There is nothing really mysterious about any of it.

  4. I hear that there is supposed to be a concept off this before the offical unveiling. I perfer a concept first btw. I just think bringing in a concept would prepare us for what’s coming. Sort of like the Cadenza cocnept. And also bringing out a concept first could mean we could see the design language whyle the actual car still have to finish its testing. So, is this a BMW 7 Series rival?

  5. I just can’t see hyundai allowing Kia to make their own version of the Equus. The Equus has just started selling in NA and still is not a proven vehicle, although it is quite nice. With Kia’s brand perception lower than Hyundai’s THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING? I highly doubt a luxury car from Kia will be taken seriously. Not because it won’t be a good car, but because people think of kia as hyundai’s basement brand,

  6. Hyundai is just on their toes with the Equus coming out an all, but if this car ever comes to North America, I hope the sales don’t clash. Just because Hyundai is doing it, doesn’t mean Kia should be doing it. I think Kia should’ve focused on the Kee and bring out a lightweight RWD Miata fighter instead.
    Just curious to see how this car will perform. People had doubts about Hyundai going against the 7 series and the S-class, and the Lexus LS with the Equus.

  7. I think this is more Genesis-sized, and for sure more sport-oriented (not as long WB or luxury focused) and cheaper. I see this as a Camaro/Challenger/Mustang Fighter more than anything. Most likely a base V6 will be priced in the low 20s with the 5.0L model hitting the mid 30s.

  8. This is supposed to be a sports sedan. Not like the Hyundai. I’m not worried about nothing. The real car to worry abOut is the Cadenza. How would it sell against the Optima and this? That’s the car to be more concerned about. The Optima beats the Cadenza in style and this may conflict the Cadenza in price range. Why buy a base Cadenza when you can get an Optima EX and looks better. Also why buy a fully loaded Cadenza when you can get the K9? Kia really does not need the Cadenza when this debuts.

  9. @ jtz i dont really think the optima is better looking at all both in and out, the cadenza is more handsome

  10. @jtz you are right. I haven’t thought about that. Hopefully the cadenza isn’t another borrego. I like the cadenza but the K9 looks really interesting.

  11. I think the Cadenza has a better looking interior than the Optima but the price range of the Optima, Cadenza and K9 could be an issue. An Optima SX is in the low 30′s. I like the Cadenza too. It’s very nice. It needs AWD. To make it more unique compared to the Optima. Especially since the Optima is getting hybrid soon. Why buy a Cadenza for $35,000 when u can get the Optima Hybrid for about the same price including a Tax return? The car to worry about is the Cadenza.

  12. Very interesting indeed. Can’t wait to see it without the camouflage. A 5L V8, 8 speed, RWD Kia. Never thought I’d see the day. :D

  13. The hybrid Optima starts at $24,295, I don’t see how that conflicts with a much more feature laden (and bigger) Cadenza. The Cadenza has a lot more room. The (K9) won’t appeal to the same people the Cadenza will, and adds another vehicle to the line-up. The people that buy the Cadenza aren’t interested in the Optima or K9, the Cadenza has a grown-up feel about it.

  14. Greg, I actually do like the Cadenza and am glad to see the K9 but aren’t you at least worried about both of them going on sale togather? Don’t you find that a little too much. Kia doesn’t even know how well the Cadenza will sale in the States yet they are already making a BMW 7 Series rival? That’s risky and expensive!!! Kia’s reputation has improved and all but not good enough for rich people to trade in a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Lexus for a Kia 7 Series? Its the same for Hyundai’s Equus as well? That is very risky between the two brands and allowing Kia to build the K9 before the Cadenza even goes on sales. The question Kia and Hyundai needs to know is how well will the Azera and Cadenza sell in the States as well as overlapping each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the Cadenza and K9 are going to rival up agaisnt the Maxima and 7 Series, I”m just worried because neither Kia or Hyundai have the experience as of yet. That’s risky. But hey if the Genesis, Equus, K9, Azera and Cadenza sell well altogather, get ready for my “who would have known” speech. Then again, have of Kia’s revenue comes from the NBA now so. So at least they have something to fall back on.

  15. I’m not worried in the least bit. Scenario: Let’s say the month before K9 goes on sale,
    Azera sales are at 6000,
    Cadenza sales are at 7500,
    Genesis sales are at 7000 and
    Equus sales are at 5000.
    K9 goes on sale, and at the end of that month,
    Azera sales are 5000 (-1000),
    Cadenza sales are at 6500 (-1000),
    Genesis sales are at 6000 (-1000) and
    Equus sales fall to 4000 (-1000).
    K9 sells 5000 units.
    Well, even though each individual model saw sales fall, Hyundai-Kia sold 1,000 more cars than the month before. THAT is why I’m not worried. Sales it takes away, it will easily make up for, because it is appealing to a wider range of customers.

  16. I love this car. If it goes more to a Full size RWD Charger/Camaro figter I would be happy. I would think it would be a mistake going against Hyundai’s Equus. Although I think Kia should stop at Cadenza for size and to split up the Hyundai/ Kia image, Hyundai should drop the Accent. Hard to have a brand to be considered Luxury if you can buy one of their cars for 12 grand. Just my thaughts.

  17. It just amazes me that when the 1994 Sephia arrived, 17 years later, I’d be looking at a Kia BMW 7 Series rival. Who would have known?

  18. Now that I think about Kia has a good variety of cars to choose from. They appeal to the youth with the soul, forte, and rio. They appeal to families with the sorento, sportage, and sedona. They also appeal to people who want a fun/luxury/sports car with the optima, cadenza, and K9. Good job kia! Can’t wait to see the KV7!

  19. Anyone know if there is going to be a coupe off this? If they are going to bring out a 7 Series rival they might as well.

  20. @ jtz
    I think Kia could/should make a coupe/convertible version of this car to go against the 6 series. Or at least a convertible in the line up. Also, the Cadenza should be a sportier alternative to the redesigned Azera. It fills the gap between the Optima and this “K9″.
    @ Greg
    It would be a Camaro/Challenger/Mustang fighter if it was a two door. But where does that place the Genesis Coupe? I think this car is bigger than the Genesis. It should be a sport variant of the Equus. A real sport sedan sounds appealing.

  21. Hey Kia World, there are new spy shots of the K9. The greenhouse came from the Kia Kue’s but not as close as the Kia Sportage’s……. and yet it is and yet it isn’t and then again it is and then again it isn’t. The greenhouse also favor’s the Cadenza’s and yet it doesn’t…… and yet it does….. and yet it doesn’t……. and yet it does…….. The K9 is big it is really big. Not as big as the Equus yet bigger than the Genesis.

  22. Mid March. It is now on Kia.com, and our dealer has been able to invoice them. Late March if you have a smaller dealer.

  23. A new thought just came to mind. I wonder, is the Cadenzaor K9 really going to be needed.. Think about it, is having the Cadenza and K9 in production with gas prices increaseing a wise idea? I mean when we first saw spy shots of the K9 gas prices were well under $3.00 now its getting closer to $4.00. When gas prices go up small cars and ugly hybrids go up. Therefore, if Kia went along with the K9, they don’t need the Cadenza and the K9 in the the same line up not in the States. That’s just stupid. Then you have an Optima hybrid and a regualr gasoline engine Cadenza? Why not get the Optima hybrid? Either the K7 or K9 must go and I dont’ want it to the be K9. Then if you really look at the big picture out of Kia’s top 5 best selling models only has two cars out of 3 crossovers and that is the Forte and Rio. They are small cars and gas prices are increasing. By the time we see this K9 revealed, gas prices could go up to $4.30 a gallon. I’m begining to think they should have never considered the K9. Unless…………. it has groundbreaking mpg. If Kia could get a Lexus LS rival to 33 mpg on the highway, then maybe it will have a chance. But if you ask me this is now risky very risky. And I feel sorry because I just know Kia put in a lot of effort and money, time, labor and overhead to create this finsished good. If the K9 is electric like the Volt, I’m not worried but the price will be very expensive. How much are people willing to pay for a Kia?

  24. I am planning to buy one as soon as it comes out. I don’t worry about gas prices….I never have, and I won’t until they are 8+ dollars per gallon.

  25. But how you a sellsman is going to convice a BMW, Lexus, Audi or Benz crowd to by a Kia K9 rival? You can’t get middle class to buy it because it will be too expensive. That’s what I’m worried about.

  26. Build it and they will come. This car isn’t going to compete with any of the cars you mentioned. I really don’t see this car being more than $37k fully loaded. It isn’t an Equus, or even a Genesis in terms of features. You will see.

  27. jtz, you have no idea what you’re talking about and youre grammar is atrocious. Gas prices are not relevant to the people who buy mercedes, audi, etc. even if you fill up every week, a 1 dollar jump is only going to add another 60 bucks to your monthly expense. Youre comparisons of the K9 to the optima and etc are baseless and ridiculous. Go look at the lexus lineup. the GS does not compete with the LS or the ES.

    There is no risk to producing a K9 to the equus. More models = more choice. more choice = bigger consumer base.

    Finally, the K9 does NOT compete with the cars that you pointed out. It will compete with cars like the maxima, the avalon, etc.

  28. It is bigger than the Amanti and has Rear-wheel-drive. How do you like your Amanti? There is a 2009 model in my family, and it has been a great car, 28k miles! Hard to believe it is even a Kia.

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