2013 Kia K3 sedan off to a strong start with 20,000 pre-orders

New K3 compact sedan poised to be a major hit among domestic consumers!

The all-new Kia K3 compact sedan, which will make its official U.S. market premiere as Kia Forte at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show next week, has got off to a strong start in South Korea.

According to the South Korean second largest carmaker, the 2013 K3 sedan has already received  20,034 orders in its home market.

It took only 34 days for the new model to hit the 20,000 sales mark in pre-orders since officially launched last month.

The number of pre-ordered K3 sedans already exceeds Kia Motors’ initial domestic-market sales projections of 19,000 units. As a result, deliveries will take about a month to reach consumers.

Kia Motors Corporation aims to sell 410,000 units of the K3 model globally next year. Approximately 355,000 units of the K3 sedan will be sold in the markets overseas, while 55,000 units will be sold in South Korea.

The all-new K3 compact sedan, which shares its platform and powertrain technology with Kia cee’d and Hyundai Elantra, will hit the U.S. shores at the end of November.

Badged as Forte, the new model will go on sale in the USA and Canada during the first quarter of 2013, and will be followed by Forte 5-door hatchback and two-door Forte Koup later in the year.

9 thoughts on “2013 Kia K3 sedan off to a strong start with 20,000 pre-orders

  1. Why would you want it going so fast? There is no public road in the US where 85 MPH is legal, and 80 MPH is only legal in 2 or 3 places. If I were Kia, I would not want the liability of showing their vehicles breaking the law in a nationwide ad campaign. Besides, aggressive commercials like that scare away a large market that Kia is driving to please – seniors. I do believe more seniors drive Souls than Y-Gens do. Marketing to baby-boomers and families is much more important than marketing to “enthusiasts”. I’m sorry, but if I have a family, and am looking for a commuter sedan, why would I want to see this sedan speeding, when I’m just going back and forth to the office, while in traffic? If I am a responsible mother, I see that speeding car in the commercial as a potential danger to my children. It is much better to advertise comfort and convenience features than tech or performance features. Why do Toyotas sell so well? Why to Hondas sell so well? It’s NOT because of their performance or technology – obviously. It is because of their PRACTICALITY. That is what Kia is trying to sell their consumers. This car is practical, while standing out from the crowd a little. Some people want to stand out, just not too much….those are the people Kia is marketing to. Kia is Targeting Ford and Nissan, not Mazda. In the US, Kia will never overtake Ford – it simply won’t happen. However, Kia is targeting the same type of consumer that Ford is, and they are doing a good job with it – and turning massive profits as well.

  2. well said, Greg, also to keep in mind the amount of Ford dealers vs the amount of KIA dealers, there is a vast difference so in most cases it stands to reason, if you have more dealers you are going to sell more vehicles. Ford also sells trucks, Kia doesn’t (at least not in North America) which is there highest volume. The F-150 series is the number one selling vehicle in Canada.

  3. To Greg and Conwelpic,

    I agree with BOTH of you and have VOICED my opinion on both your points many, many times. Speed is not important. It is CONTENT and the is what Hyundai and Kia have on everyone in the industry. You get more bang for youbuck with their vehicles now.

    Speed, not so important with all the camera on overhead signs now, and also some States are giving tickets for speeding using overhead hellicopters ( don’t ask me what technology they are using to do this, I just heard here in my state of Virgina they did a one day test 3 hours $3, 850 in tickets to be mailed out) So yes Greg I am with you who cares about HP and 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds.

    Conwelpic you are right about the amount of Ford Dealers in quantity. But Hyundai and Kia can beat them with QUALITY. I said many times before I was raised on Ford my Father was a Techmician for over 45 years so all we have ridden in and bought is Ford. I am the first in my family to jump ship and I am telling you Ford is over pricing itself on all of its models, and relying way to much on TECHNOLOGY is expensive to install, maintain, and fix and they pass the cost on to the consumer. Service on Ford vehicles are ASTRONOMICAL and some of the techs I found out when my Sable required serviced far away from home on vaction are THEIVES who will sell work that is not need or sell the work but never perform it. That is why I am done with Ford.

    Hyundai and Kia have balanced the content of technology very very well and the quality of the exterior and interior to me is a definite step up to what Ford is offering the base and mid level vehicles are an embarassment compared to the standard features of what Hyundai and Kia are offering. My wife to this day still loves her 2008 Optima I can’t get her to trade it in and get current Optima.

    Kia is my favorite Brand and I would like to see them just continue to give the buying public vehicles that continue to be a WORK of Art. To not get complacent on the designs.

  4. I “get” why Kia advertises the way they do. I am nearing completion of a business marketing degree, soon (in January) to start working toward a degree in Automotive Engineering. When you look at Kia’s target audience – and compare it to the marketing Kia has in place, David and Goliath (Kia’s marketing firm) is doing an amazing job! Another major issue Kia is having is supply. Before a corporation advertises a product, they have to determine that the supply they have is going to meet the demand the advertising will create. For example: If Kia imports 3,500 Rios, and the projected demand is 3,400 vehicles – they have no reason to advertise this vehicle. If Kia builds 12,000 Sorentos, and the projected demand is 8,000 vehicles – they have good reason to advertise. Advertising to the >5% of consumers who list “Performance” as their top priority when selecting a vehicle is downright asinine. According to studies by KBB, Edmunds, and others – Comfort and Convenience is the TOP factor consumers consider when selecting a new vehicle. Price, feature content, reliability, and interior ergonomics typically round out the top 5. Funny how Kia’s ads mainly promote comfort and convenience features. This isn’t about being “dumb” or “slow”, it is business sense.

  5. I don’t know how many times you have to be told this. Stop running your mouth without knowing what you are talking about. I have told you, over and over and over, the Sedona blows the Forte out of the water on performance. Trust me, I have driven both. Consider the type of people who drive minivans. Mothers, who are concerned with their children’s safety….why would you want to accelerate like a hellion with a van-load of kids? That is endangering them. You are obviously not a parent….no I’m not a parent either, but I have little brothers (currently 3 and 4 years old) who I care more about their safety than trying to “beat” everybody. Consider the elderly. Their bodies don’t like to be thrown all around the interior of their vehicles trying to beat 0-60 times. They have been driving for a long, long time – and probably know what they are doing – and drive that way FOR A REASON! Driving is not a game, and it is not a right. Driving is a privilege, and if you continue to drive irresponsibly, you will be caught and you will lose that privilege. Always trying to get to the front? What’s the point in that? What are you trying to prove? If you are in such a hurry, maybe you should leave 10-15 minutes earlier.

  6. We have still plenty of work to do, so please be patient until we bring out all the goodies.

    Thanks for nice words, btw


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